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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

Time passes. Rather a lot of it, in fact. There's a helicopter shot of the sun setting over Manhattan like in I Am Legend, and an onscreen graphic informs us that more than two hours and thirty-one minutes have elapsed, with seconds still ticking past. In other words, long enough for this task to have effectively wiped out everything that came before it, all the way back to when they left JFK. Under the darkening sky, James gets a guess wrong for Bangladesh, although at least Shagotom, hello, is up there, albeit in the spot where "Aabar Dekha Hobe" should go. By this time he has only two flags (Bangladesh and Turkey) to go, representing a mere two dozen combinations not counting the dummies. Might as well brute-force it from here, and indeed that appears to be what he's doing. Lexi is far behind with only four flags completed and four to go, and the buzzer she gets from hanging the two correct Turkish greetings with their positions swapped is just as loud as it would be if they weren't up there at all. Josh gets his Turkish flags up, with a flashback to the bandleader's mustache shouting, "Merhaba" and "Hoscakal." Josh has only one left. "Bangladesh. Oh, God, Bangladesh."

Meanwhile, Jaymes is assuring James that there's no faster way to do this and he's doing great. James gets Bangladesh correct, and we flash back to the orange-bearded guy saying "Shagotom (Hello)" and the pretty lady saying, "Aabar Dekha Hobe (Goodbye)." That leaves only Turkey for James. "We could actually get this," Jaymes says excitedly. Josh raises some flags for Bangladesh and still gets some wrong, because the dummy greetings are slowing him down. Nefarious, Amazing Race. "Bangladesh was not good to us," Josh says, and asks Brent if the other teams are still over there. Brent says they are, but not to worry about anyone else, which cues a round of bickering. Josh interviews that he was feeling motivated by the possibility of actually winning something for the first time in this race, and he eventually gets the Bangladeshi greetings in place. The female task judge just congratulates him and sends him over to raise the U.N. flag. "I love the world!" he says, scampering across some of the very lot upon which that sentiment would be most welcome. He raises the flag, lowering the last clue in the process, and they read, "This is it, the Finish Line. Make your way to Gotham Hall. Go, go, go!" The other teams offer desultory congratulations as the goat farmers run off. Trey comes over to Lexi to tell her it's okay, but she's crying with disappointment again. But at least their confidence and cheerfulness always served them well when things were going their way.

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