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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

The Chippendales enter and come to the mat at a dead run, never mind the fact that the winners are already there. Yes, anything could have happened, but it didn't, and probably isn't going to now. There are more hugs between the four of them, and Phil congratulates Jaymes & James on being the second team to arrive. James is doing the talking for once, making the usual speech about what an incredible experience it was, because Jaymes is looking unhappier than we've ever seen him, his arms folded and his face without a trace of a smile for the first time ever while he takes a deep, disappointed breath. No doubt he's thinking about his dad, who won't be getting the benefits of his half of the million-dollar prize. "And we got your mom a car," he remembers to add to James's speech. There's a shot of James & Abba, who I guess got some new passports, although it would be tacky of me to mention that Abba's losing his in the first place is the only reason Josh & Brent didn't finish in sixth. Jaymes says they had an incredible experience, and James says it was an amazing experience competing with them all. Jaymes finds the silver lining as he interviews, "Maybe the world will have a different view of Chippendales now. I don't know. I don't know if that's better or worse." I don't, know, I have a pretty good view of these two. And by the way, if you're feeling bad about Jaymes's dad getting stiffed, I saw at Reality Blurred that Jaymes set up a website for donations that's here. It's technically SFW, but you might want to be discreet anyway because there's some shirtlessness.

Trey & Lexi come running in, whether she finished the Roadblock or not, as Phil says ,"Texas is in the house." Hard to miss that, what with Trey having been wearing his Lone Star shorts again today. They hug the winners and runners-up and Phil doctor-voices that they should be proud of officially being the third team to arrive. Lexi weepily talks about how amazing it was and getting to spend a solid month with Trey. Who in turn interviews that the race made their relationship stronger. "I think we are definitely ready for that next step. It's just a matter of when Trey's ready for that next step," she says, like he's going to propose on camera or something. I think the best advice I can give Lexi is to just keep nagging.

So then everyone gathers on the big mat for hugs, and Monster Truck Rob says, "The Beekman Boys changed my life dramatically, opened my eyes to see that, hey look, it's not for me to judge anybody on their lifestyle or who they are or what they do." Josh finishes up with more comments about how this proves to the underdogs of the world, "It doesn't matter how bad things are going at the moment." "[You] just can't quit," Brent says. "Nice guys do finish first sometimes," Josh concludes. And in this case, so did his partner.

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