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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

First, it turns out that the crates they need to collect are piled right across the street, making this one of the easiest tasks ever, but Lexi adds a degree of difficulty by nearly running in front of a moving car. Seriously, if her legs were any longer she'd be dead now. And then, led by Jaymes & James, the racers all obligingly do a commercial for how awesome the foot-triggered lift gate feature is. "I want one. Get me one," Josh even says to Brent. With the must-have feature duly advertised, now they have to figure out where to actually go, and the three-team alliance swarms around a local asking for directions. Not the Beekmans, though. Is that because they're using this alliance to pull ahead of everyone all at once? Nope, they're just sitting in their car waiting for the other teams to leave so they can follow. Not nearly as cool. Soon all four cars are on the road. James talks about how he's hoping they can win a car for his mom today, because he's been watching the race long enough to know that if they have to advertise a vehicle all leg, some team is going to get a pair of their own at the Pit Stop. Behind them, the twins are complaining about the Beekmans sneaking up on them, while behind them, Brent suggests they play off what he assumes will be the twins' panic over their Speed Bump. He adds that nobody thought they were a threat, and "boom, now we are." Yes, all it took was getting rid of the stupider, older, unluckier, and more unpopular teams. Indeed, in the car just ahead of them, Natalie says that in their master plan to boot Abbie & Ryan, "we never thought the gays would be a threat to us," and they'd planned to leave them in the dust. "And now they're just on our coattails." You know, I didn't see any coattails on you ladies in Mallorca.

The whole caravan stops at a red light. There's a bit of a fire drill as Jaymes runs out to confer on directions with Trey & Lexi in the lead car, and one of the twins yells out to the leaders that they have to lose the Beekmans. Which, again, they overhear. This is getting more preschool than high school.

Soon the two lead teams show up at the Chateau de Villandry and run onto the grounds, with the twins and the goat farmers rushing in right behind them. Soon they're all wandering the grounds at a run, looking for a dog. The twins and Team Austin ask some groundskeeper for directions by going "woof-woof-woof," like animal noises are the same in other languages, and Josh suavely rolls up next to them asking, "la chien?" Everyone acts like this is some big sneaky move, knowing French like that. Soon they're all running in a pack through the paths, though Brent is actively taunting the twins and running with his arms spread to try to prevent them from passing him, which isn't exactly covering himself in glory. "I thought Josh was hurt," Jaymes interviews. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently he got a bionic ankle now." He does seem to have recovered well -- almost as well as James did from his ankle pain in Moscow.

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