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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

All three teams seem rather torn on what to do, although Jaymes & James seem to be leaning toward the Plow option. But of course like everything else lately, this has to be a group decision for some fucking reason. Actually, the Chippendales just assume that Trey & Lexi will do it with them, so they head off to their car, remembering to tell the Beekmans as they depart that only two teams can do it at a time. So no plowing for you, farmers. "You think our cookbook skills will stretch to dogs?" Brent asks Josh. Meanwhile, the Chippendales are heading into the Chateau's main entrance for directions to the field. But Trey & Lexi end up deciding to do Chow, and Brent decides they'll work on it together. Now back to their cars. Down on the street, as they temporarily split up to go to their separate vehicles, the camera zooms in on the clock tower at the end of the street, I guess because we really need to know it's two in the afternoon. Lexi interviews that it's in their nature to help other people out, but her competitive side is rebelling. And thus she gets tired of waiting for the Beekmans and they take off. So there you go. That's two allies she's ditched today. Cold, Lexi. Cold.

The twins get to Chateau D'Amboise and despite not seeing any other Escapes still around, get confirmation from some locals that they're in the right place and cheer loudly. Up ahead, the Chippendales are trying to find their way to the Plow task, hoping to lose the goat farmers. Who in turn see that Team Austin's car is already gone and waste no time deciding to get moving. "Their allegiance may be to the twins at this point, so we just have to be extra cautious," Brent says. "You really can't trust anyone at this stage of the race." Or at any stage, I would add.

The twins find the clue in da Vinci's tomb and decide to go with Chow, because apparently they've cooked for dogs before, with their grandfather. Well, of course they have. Who hasn't?

En route to Chow, Trey explains that they've decided to go with Plow instead, as Lexi thinks this will help them build a lead. "It's our country roots," she says. They park near a sign that points to PLOW in one direction and CHOW in another, so it's not like one of the tasks is easier to drive to, and Lexi is happy to see that they're the first team to arrive. They run onto the farm and find a hand-lettered sign reading "Festival du Cheval et du Labour," which I assume means festival of horse and work. Although that may just be an excuse to have an accordion player there making a racket. But there's also a food table or produce stand there, so maybe this isn't a completely made-up thing, even if attendance can only be described using an ancient, untranslatable French term: "piss-poor." Trey & Lexi meet a farmer, pick out an old-fashioned, single-bladed, horse-drawn plow, and hitch it up to a big, brown horse. With both of them wearing gumboots to plod through the rich, muddy field, Lexi starts leading the horse down the lane while Trey tries to keep the plow blade pushed down into the soil. He's soon having trouble, though, in the form of the plow zigzagging and weaving, and the horse farting on him. Only one of these is likely to prevent them from completing the task properly, however.

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