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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

Jaymes & James drive past a chateau looking for the farm, and they end up pulling up next to the Beekmans to compare notes on where the entrance is they're supposed to go to. It's the Gate of Honor, ironically enough.

Trey & Lexi are at the end of one furrow, and they get their horse turned around to start the next one.

The twins are driving on the grounds, and they spot Trey & Lexi doing the plowing. They briefly consider joining them for this Detour, but "that looks hard," so they move on. "Yay! The girls are here!" Lexi cheers from the field, seeing their car go by. The twins park and hop out. And thus the Chippendales see them already out of their car when they arrive, and realize the pressure's on, what with the Speed Bump lag already wiped out. The goat farmers drive by, and the twins are rejuvenated at being "here before everybody." And loudly so, too. They proceed on foot through the front gate, where a sextet of fat French horn players is blatting away on some tuneless racket on the path leading to the chateau. Oh, and the dogs are coming, too. Following them inside the gate, Brent frets to Josh, "We're gonna lose this to the girls." "Don't worry about it," Josh breezes. I think he so expected to lose in Moscow that in his mind he's basically playing with house money at this point.

The twins just barely beat the goat farmers to the long prep tables for the Chow Detour, which are equipped with big yellow buckets and cutting boards and of course shitloads of raw meat. Both teams don aprons and begin to, as Josh interviews, "debone and cut up and remove all foreign objects from two huge barrels of raw meat." But in France, aren't all the objects foreign? The dogs are baying away hungrily on the other side of a closed gate, and while all four of them are working, the twins bitch about how they're competing against a team that uses knives for a living, "stabbing people in the back." Wow, not sure how they figure that. They're still convinced Josh was faking his injury, which, even if he were, that hardly counts as backstabbing. Brent calls them the evil twins, which they readily cop to, saying they've never been nice. "We can't be mean," Brent says, which would have cut more ice before his behavior at Chateau de Villandry, which the twins quickly remind him of. "Josh yelled at me for doing that," Brent tells them, and points out that they were nice until the twins jumped out and yelled about how they needed to lose them. The twins, however, have an answer for that: "Evil gays are going down!" Yes, I think this particular debate is all sewn up.

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