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Here comes Esquire. Brennan smiles at Danza as they pass. "Let me guess, Bren, you're doing it," Margarita says. What, does he eat everything everywhere they go? Is he Exotic Food Liker? There's definitely a dynamic here that I'm not getting. (Or else she wants Brennan to do it so Rob won't have beetle breath later, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.) Esquire gives the chef their food, and Danza collects theirs, now fully cooked. Margarita starts in, and she's doing pretty well, until she makes one very sour face. "Wow, it's that bad, huh?" Brennan says, trying to frown but actually smiling. She starts eating again. Brennan, quietly and warily, to Rob: "Whatever you do, don't stand there lookin' at me like Frank's doing to her, two feet from my face." Sure enough, Frank is standing very close to his wife, staring intently at her as every piece of food goes into her mouth. Wow -- back off, Unnecessarily Attentive Frank. As Margarita continues to eat, Brennan collects his cooked food. Rob wears a scowly-smiley face through this entire sequence, as Brennan chews first on the chicken feet. Margarita tries washing down a whole beetle with some of her drink; nothing doing, so she takes it out of her mouth and takes it apart so she can eat it. Eek.

Meanwhile, as Brennan eats the chicken, Rob asks him, "Is it curry?" "No," Brennan says sadly. "It's just…feet." HA! Eating feet is funny. Rob thinks so, too, because he's got a full cackle going now. Over footage of Margarita scarfing food down, she voices over that as she ate bite after bite, she tried to think about her daughter and the money they might win. "College tuition," she says in the interview as she mimes popping beetles into her mouth. In this interview, Lovely Smile Frank shows off his…well, lovely smile. I admit it. These two have totally grown on me.

Brennan eats the bugs as Rob looks on in what I can only describe as growing horror. Well, it might just be amazement. "Wow, you're good at this," he says admiringly. "At least you're getting lunch." Hee.

Margarita's all done, and she gets the clue, which sends her off (with a hearty "good job, Mar" from Rob). As Brennan finishes eating, he can't resist playing with his food just a tiny bit more, making a sort of "Awk" noise as he dangles a shred of squid over his plate. Because he's mature that way. Outside, as Danza grabs a cab, Margarita explains that the beetles were problematic partly because they made her think of cockroaches. Word. They made me think of cockroaches, too.

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