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Triumph of the Bill

Brennan eats his last bite, and they open the wok containing the clue (he sings a majestic and hearty "doo dee doo," which is also funny). In this particular shot, the visor looks like it could easily be a full-fledged baseball cap with a plant growing out of the top of it. It's a very, very unfortunate angle. The clue tells them to go to the south gate at the Temple of Heaven at Tiantan Park. "Temple of Heaven…I know I have this written down," Rob says, checking his notes as they walk out. "Written down"? My goodness. The boy takes notes.

Danza, in the cab, heading for the park.

As they get into the cab, Brennan says, "Let's boogie." Okay, in two weeks, that's two "let's boogie"s and one "let's rock." If they say "let's party" next week, I'm quitting them for good. Once they're in the cab, here's Brennan, still recovering from all the greasy-food-eating: "Do I have crap on my face?" Rob, thoughtfully: "Uhhh, just that stupid goatee." Bwah! That's my Line Of The Week. Also, amen. The goatee is bad. To his credit, Brennan laughs heartily at this. (He's lucky Rob didn't go after his experimental sideburns, too, actually.) Now you can believe they "call each other 'dumb-ass' quite a lot," as I was told, can't you?

Danza lands on the mat. Welcome, Team Danza, you are team number one. They grin and drink tea.

Esquire. Mat. Welcome, Team Esquire, you are team number two. They grin and drink tea. Rob explains in an interview, "Frank and Margarita and the two of us are kind of front-running right now…the third team is a wild card. Joe and Bill are scrambling a little bit right now. I think Drew and Kevin are a little more confident than they are. But tomorrow, one of them's history."

Commercials. Buy a phone, or Teri Hatcher will come to your house and poke you with one of her exposed ribs.

Beijing. In a Danza interview, Margarita notes that Guido and the Frats are basically the most diametrically opposed teams you could hope to find in the world. (Good and evil are like that.) "What I do know," she astutely observes, "is that both teams will be equally aggressive, equally determined, equally driven." Yep. I'm with that. Here, we see footage of Guidos and Frats arriving in Beijing and getting taxis toward the pavilion where the first route marker is. (I feel obligated to mention also that in this footage, Bill's hair certainly looks barely attached, although it could be a camera trick. Again, I'm wary of drawing any conclusions.) Apparently, they were on the same flights, but the Frats get out of the airport with a very slim lead. Kevin repeats his previous characterization that this leg is "the brawl for it all," and I almost can't watch. Drew: "If we don't make it before them, we go home. And I'm not ready to go home."

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