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Triumph of the Bill

CCPP. 14-1. 15-1. Up comes Rob, busted finger on the paddle hand and everything. His first shot is off the table. 16-1. Spanky's shot sails long. 16-2. Rob's shot sails long. 17-2.

Market. Margarita explains, "I'm getting a big giant squid." I'd point out that these aren't "big giant squid." There is such a thing as a "big giant squid," and you're not getting one, Margarita. Now eating that would be a Roadblock.

CCPP, where we're up to 21-2. Esquire is getting its ass thoroughly and decisively kicked. By Spanky. Who's twelve. Man, and you thought the guys at Bally's were gonna ride Brennan about the time he let Amie beat him over the fence at the Coliseum in Tunisia. He's never going to have peace now. Ever. If I were an Esquire buddy, I definitely think the next time I played one of them, I'd continually threaten to get on the Spanky-Phone and have him beaten soundly. "Don't make me call Beijing!" Anyway, Spanky's next shot is way off, and it's 21-3. I would point out that the twelve-year-old-ness of the opponent isn't keeping Rob from wearing his Competition Face -- that would be the grim, determined, I'd-chew-gum-if-I-had-any face. Spanky's off the table again. 21-4. Rob's in the net. 22-4. Rob's off the table. 23-4. Rob's in the net again. 24-4. Spanky flubs his next shot, and Rob emerges victorious, winning (?) by a final score of 5-24. Have I mentioned that Spanky is twelve? Rob and Brennan both shake the kid's hand, and they head out. They give their driver the address of the market, and off they go.

Danza, buying chicken feet, then hopping in a cab with their new and improved lightweight backpacks. (That was a good idea, I'm starting to think.) "Margarita with the shopping skills," Frank says admiringly once they're on their way. They discuss the fact that, apparently, they're the only ones around who were buying their beetles by the piece, because you're supposed to buy them in bulk. Of course you are. Who can eat just one beetle larva?

Esquire, at the market. For whatever reason, they wind up with a dried squid instead of a wet one. Doesn't really matter, I suppose. Grapes, raisins, whatever. They, too, comment on the weird looks they're getting for not stocking up on beetle larvae. Then they're out and on their way. In the cab, Rob takes out the squid and mock-gnaws on it. Heh.

Danza, at the food court. They read the Roadblock clue, which says, "Who's hungry?" Margarita clearly doesn't want to do this at all, but when Frank insists that she actually say she doesn't want to do it, rather than just passive-aggressive-ing that she doesn't want to do it, she changes course and passive-aggressives that she'll do it. Incidentally, I'm totally with Frank. If she doesn't want to do it, that's fine, but she ought to be willing to say, "Eew, don't make me eat the bugs, baby." If she had, that would've been fine. Instead, now she reads the clue, which confirms that she has to eat all of what they just bought (after having it cooked). Yep. Moral of the story? If you don't want to do it, say, "I don't want to do it." Otherwise, you end up bitter and resentful, which is bad enough even when you don't have a mouthful of beetle larvae.

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