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Meanwhile, in their cab, Esquire examines the food. Brennan makes little alien noises with the beetles, which completely cracks me up, and Rob intuits that he probably knows what the Roadblock is. You betcha.

Frank calls Margarita "a moron" for saying she'd do the food when she didn't want to. She insists she was trying to help him, because his stomach was upset. They now have the famous Fight From the Previews, in which she says she doesn't appreciate the way he talks to her when he does things like calling her a moron. As I've made clear, I think she sort of was a moron in this situation, but also, as I've said many times, Frank could use a little more humility and a little less yelling, so I'm with her on that point. I'm always in favor of Margarita saying, "You don't have to speak to me like that."

Frank tells the camera in a quickie interview, "I do appreciate that she's trying to help me out. I'm just a little impatient and stubborn and stupid sometimes, so I guess I need to apologize." He forgot to say "loud and pushy," but other than that, it was a very self-aware moment for Frank. Outside, Esquire arrives and pulls the Roadblock clue. Inside, Frank finds his wife. "I just want to apologize for being an insensitive jerk," he says. When she snorts at him, he says, "I am! I'm apologizing." They kiss and make up. Hmm. When I first saw this apology, it didn't look very sincere to me. It looked like one of those apologies where the guy says he's sorry, but he's smirking the entire time because he thinks the fact that you want him to apologize is so stupid, but he's humoring you to get you to shut up. Now, though, I realize that it's extremely hard to tell the difference between that apology and the kind of apology where the guy is genuinely embarrassed and sheepish, and smirking for that reason. So I'm not sure which it is. I'm leaning about 60-40 that it was sincere at this point.

Outside, when Esquire sees the "Who's hungry?" clue, Rob immediately says, "Well, this is your thing." I think this is almost the first time they haven't alternated (Brennan did the paddling, too), so I'm curious about what it is about eating chicken feet, beetles, and squid that could possibly be Brennan's "thing." At any rate, it takes them their usual four-tenths of a second to decide what they're doing.

As the food cooks, Frank tells Margarita that she has to eat fast. "In a jiffy," as he says. Hey, Frank Formerly Known As Loud And Pushy? Shut up. She knows.

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