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Abbie & Ryan seem to have barely arrived at the Amsterdam airport when Josh & Brent's plane lands as well. The two teams actually run into each other inside the terminal. "They're the only racers we've seen on the last three or four legs," Josh interviews, which is one of the saddest things I've heard this whole season. Unless they decide to go back to that stupid "racing together" thing, in which case that will be one of the saddest things I've heard this whole season.

For now, they stand around the baggage carousels together rather than hurrying to the train. "It's an odd thing that Ryan and Abbie and we have been the last two teams and yet we're not competitive with each other," Josh interviews reflectively. "And yet we both know that one of us is gonna have to lose." That's because everyone assumes it's going to be you, Sunshine. Sure enough, Ryan interviews that this is because the goat farmers are not a threat because they seem "resigned" to the fact that this is as far as they're going. Uh, do you think the goat farmers know that, you arrogant dickweed? I think anybody who was starting to feel bad about their airline problems probably just stopped.

Jaymes & James hunt the grounds for the next clue, and given that it's a giant U-Turn sign that dwarfs some of the trees, it's not hard to find. "This is a Double U-Turn," Phil says in his museum-voice, reminding us that this gives two teams the opportunity to slow down two other teams. In an interview, Jaymes reminds us of the plan that was agreed upon by the three lead teams back at the Moscow airport. But confronted in this moment by the actual sign, Jaymes says he doesn't want to play dirty and mean. We leave them at this moment of indecision. Well, someone's going to be pissed at them either way because that's how this works. You want it to be a team nobody likes, or two teams who have a history of ripping people off? I thought so.

But finally, after the ads, Jaymes concludes, "What means the most to me is to be able to go home after this and be able to take care of my family." And thus they U-Turn Abbie & Ryan. James seems fine with it, but Jaymes says he feels bad. "We don't know if we can beat y'all for the million, and we need it more than you guys do. Sorry," he explains to the camera. So they open their next clue, telling them to take a bus to Ransdorp and "search the marked field to find your next clue." Jaymes still feels guilty as they head back through the garden, but he interviews, "Ryan and Abbie are the strongest team here. And if we're going to bring the million dollars home to our families, we can't have Ryan and Abbie here." I actually appreciate that he's owning it rather than trying to blame it on the other teams. James tells Jaymes that it's part of the game, but agrees that they'll hate them. Not that he seems too broken up about it. I totally agree with everything Jaymes is saying, except the part about how Team Grabbie is the strongest team. That hasn't been the case for a while now.

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