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Brent spots the clue outside Central Station for the two trailing teams, and they agree to stick together all the way to the dock. Yep, we're back to The Amazing Suicide Pact.

Trey & Lexi hop off their boat and quickly find the organ grinder. As with the Chippendales, the division of labor is another no-brainer. "Who doesn't like a pretty girl?" Trey asks, indicating his girlfriend before getting to work at the crank. Depends on the girl, would be my answer.

The Chippendales' bus has brought them out to the country, and they soon find the marked field, which includes a water-filled ditch. Jaymes recognizes what's going on from a previous season, and indeed, Phil appears next to the ditch -- which is being pole-vaulted across by locals in orange t-shirts as he says, "These muddy ditches are the location of a classic Amazing Race Roadblock where teams went ditch-vaulting." There's a flashback to whatever season that was (which I must have missed entirely, because the old man crashing into the muddy bank in his underwear is someone I've never seen before and could have done without seeing just now), and Phil says that after they've done it, they'll pick up a pair of wooden shoes telling them where the Pit Stop is. He holds up a pair of yellow clogs with the words "Behind the church in Ransdorp is the house rumored to be that of Rembrandt's mistress" painted across the instep. Poor Rembrandt, he can't get a piece on the side without the national footwear advertising it, for God's sake. One of the vaulters takes them from Phil, tosses them across the ditch, and vaults back across, which Phil says the racers will have to likewise do. "Easy," he says confidently in a rare bit of editorializing.

James joins the vaulters at the ditch while Jaymes watches from the road. "All you need is courage," one of the locals tells James. He seems a little short of that, watching the mud bubble up from where his pole's stuck in the water. But I suspect that courage is less vital than forward momentum and upper body strength, because he manages it on the first try while Jaymes watches from the road. James runs to the far side of the field, grabs one of several pairs of shoes from the fenceposts they're hanging from, comes back to the ditch, throws them across, and makes the return vault -- landing on his ass this time. But he's on the bank, so it counts. Even better, his ankle still seems to be holding up.

We catch up with Team Austin already 29 Euros into the organ grinding task, to Lexi's even-greater-than-usual excitement. They soon finish, very noisily. I seriously think Lexi was louder than the organ.

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