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Team Grabbie finds the street organ, which is mostly draped in tarps and clear plastic sheeting against the rain, and Ryan starts cranking while Abbie desperately dances for the sparse traffic. In the cab to Ransdorp, Josh is saying, "everybody wants them out of the race because they want to keep us in the race because we're not the strongest competitors." "Well, then we should just prove them wrong them," Brent says gently. "Can we prove them wrong?" Josh doesn't seem convinced they're doing the right thing. Are we sure they came here through Oslo and not Stockholm? Because Josh appears to have a wicked case of that syndrome.

Abbie seems to be getting into the task, dancing for and occasionally with passing locals. One woman in a green rain jacket makes Abbie do several turns with her before announcing, "I'm going to make it so you're done." So after giving her a big hug, Abbie goes from 24 Euros to 30 while Ryan keeps cranking and glowering, clearly unaware of the moving scene currently transpiring on the other side of the organ from him. But then he gives their benefactor a hug as well, and Abbie gives her another, even longer one, crying on her shoulder and everything. And then Abbie and Ryan hug each other. Less hugging, more racing, you two. There's still a non-elimination leg left.

Josh & Brent arrive in the field, and Brent says this one is Josh's turn. But running to the ditch in the wet grass, he slips and hurts his ankle. "Walk it off, walk it off!" Brent hollers sympathetically. Josh stands on the bank for a moment, resigned to the fact that he's going to get wet, but he makes it across, although that landing couldn't have been good for his ankle. I don't know why so few teams can hold onto a full set of working legs this season. Too bad Amy & Daniel didn't last longer, you know? The shoes make it back across, and on Josh's return vault he almost comes up short, but manages to grab a handful of grass and hauls himself onto the bank without toppling back into the water. "I'll massage your foot all night," Brent promises as Josh limps back with the clogs. Thanks for that image.

Abbie & Ryan return to the U-Turn sign, currently and decisively in last place, and sadly wander off to get a taxi. They're soon in a cab in the failing light, with leisure to bitch about the betrayal of the Chippendales. Ryan says, "It speaks volumes about them and how they'll establish relationships and friendships and then stab you in the back." Apart from everything else wrong with that comment, no one stabbed you in the back, Ryan. They'd have to be behind you to do that.

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