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And we're on to Amsterdam. Natalie & Nadiya apparently had no trouble changing planes in Rome because they land first, as scheduled, and they quickly find and board the subway directly from the airport to Amsterdam's Central Station. And then they do this twinny thing where they speak in unison on the train about how they're hoping to be in the lead. Even their "um" is synchronized. Fortunately it's more amusing than creepy.

Josh & Brent are just now seen boarding their Aeroflot flight to Oslo. Which is weird, because the departure board says it's on time for an 11:05 departure. And unless the twins got to Amsterdam waaay early, it's already after 11:30 there, while in Moscow it's hours later. Anyway, Brent says they're expecting to be in Amsterdam at 4:35. "We're probably quite a few hours behind the other teams, but at least we're on our way." I have to admire their courage in being willing to race through a city whose name contains the letters "slo."

Natalie & Nadiya are, unsurprisingly, the first team to reach Central Station, a fact one of them declares "awesomeballs." Soon they're out on the plaza in front of the building, and they open the clue box to find a Fast Forward inside. Cut to Phil on the bank of a canal as he explains that any team attempting the Fast Forward will have to proceed to the Van Gogh Café and find "this marked bus," which is called the Floating Dutchman and looks distinctly amphibious. The twins go pelting off after the Fast Forward, already arguing about whether to get a taxi or walking directions, and apparently settling on the compromise of hiring a bicycle pedicab operated by a guy who barely looks strong enough to pedal a sewing machine. "Whoo, Amsterdam!" they cheer, until their driver's wide U-turn tells them they were going in the wrong direction.

Jaymes and James land in Amsterdam for their second time this race (you may recall that they transferred here on their way from Istanbul to Moscow along with the late, lamented Team Metal) and rush to the train platform, which they find with seven minutes to spare. Even better news is the fact that James's allegedly injured ankle doesn't appear to be slowing him down at all. Up ahead, the twins are already being delivered to the Van Gogh Café by their floppy-haired poetry major. "Oh my God, it was right bloody here?" one of them says. They quickly spot the Floating Dutchman parked nearby and hop on it, moments before it drives off with them as the only passengers. Either the race rented it for the whole day or it's not a terribly popular attraction.

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