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Franked Again

Abbie & Ryan land in Frankfurt for their second time this race and run for the gate to their first Amsterdam flight, only to be told that check-in is already closed. The agent at the empty boarding area tells them they're not checked in and calls for a supervisor to see if she can get them on the plane (or at least pretends to), but they're out of luck. In a post-leg interview, Ryan philosophically says that it wasn't the end of the world, what with their 12:55 backup flight coming up anyway. And yet, in the heat of the moment, he generously tells the ticket agent, "Thanks for nothing," before he and Abbie hurry off to get their other tickets. She must be so sorry to see him go.

Jaymes & James ride the train, happy to be in Amsterdam for real. Conversely, Abbie & Ryan are once again not happy to be in Frankfurt as they board a shuttle bus to cross the tarmac. "I hate Frankfurt. I hate frankfurters. I hate Frankenstein," Ryan grumbles. "Quite frankly, we got Franked," Abbie says. They get on the other plane, only to hear an announcement that the plane is having mechanical problems and won't take off as scheduled. Abbie is almost in tears as she says she's over it, and Ryan puts his head in his lap and declares it a "disaster." No, Ryan, a disaster is what happens when an airplane takes off with mechanical difficulties. This is just a pain in the ass. Your disaster is still coming.

After the ads, the captain comes back on and says the deicer is fucked, so they're all going to have to switch planes. "We're done," Ryan says. "We're done." Maybe next time you won't go on The Amazing Race without knowing how to fix a deicer, Mr. Boy Scout.

Natalie & Nadiya, however, are having a much better time in Amsterdam, and are shocked and amazed as their bus -- which, mind you, is clearly called the Floating Dutchman and looks like a boat on the bottom -- drives up to the marina, aims itself down a boat ramp, and deliberately crashes into the canal, water splashing all the way up the windshield. As the twins marvel at being aboard a boat-bus, Phil explains that to complete the Fast Forward, they'll have seven minutes to eat five whole herring each, "before the bus returns to shore." If they can't do it in time, the bus will drive all the way back to the Van Gogh Café and wait ten minutes before going back so they can try again. Which seems like it would suck, but I'd think that if you had to try putting five raw fish in your belly on top of four and a half that were already in there, those ten minutes might actually be appreciated. So here goes: a waiter on the bus serves each of them a covered tray and they tuck right in, with their hair tied to the top of their heads. They struggle with chewing and swallowing the full, raw fish, but Nadiya has finished one in a little over a minute. I think they'll probably be okay.

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