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Ron and Kelly. She looks out the front and says, "Airport, to the left." So he veers left, just as she says, "Go, go, go right!" He points out that she just said to go left, and she says that she was just reading a sign out loud, and apparently he wasn't supposed to follow it? Or something? At any rate, he manages to be blamed for this, which is sort of remarkable. "Open your eyes and read the signs," she bitches, and he points out that he didn't see a sign -- he went left because she said to, which is exactly what happened. "Don't jump on me because I don't understand what you're saying because you said the wrong thing," he says, quite correctly. Of course, Kelly can't abide this kind of straight talk, and she immediately crosses her arms and says, "Shut up, please, and be quiet." "YOU shut up," Ron says, finally giving her the "shut up" she's needed since Peru. ["If by 'Peru,' you mean 'the womb.'" -- Sars]

Uchenna and Joyce are headed to the airport. But Rob and Amber are there first, and they ask about the next flight to Miami. With Uchenna and Joyce behind them, Rob and Amber are told that the next available flight is at 11:15. They ask if there's anything earlier on any other airline, and they're told that there isn't. There's a 10:00 flight, but it's already closed. They beg to see if there's any way they can get on the flight, but the lady insists that there isn't. They agree to take the 11:15 flight. Rob asks Uchenna and Joyce where Ron and Kelly are, and Joyce notes that they "must have made a wrong turn."

And indeed they have, in sort of a grand sense, because they are still arguing. And he makes a little "shut it" gesture that she correctly points out is incredibly dismissive and obnoxious. You can sort of tell that he's beyond caring at this point and just wants to get home, which is sad. "A gentleman," she says sarcastically. "A true American gentleman right there." Gross! The first time I can't think of anything better to say during a fight of that sort than "you're no gentleman, sir!" is the day I admit I've already lost.

Rob and Amber and Uchenna and Joyce are ticketed on the 11:15 flight. Rob then seeks out another agent and asks her about the next flight to Miami. "It's already boarding," she says. He asks if he can get on that flight, and she says she'll put them on the standby list. They get the gate information and head out. The gate agent in the ticket office, however, tells Uchenna just what she told Rob and Amber -- the 11:15 is the first flight they can get on. Uchenna says that they should check for earlier options anyway. Meanwhile, Rob and Amber run to the gate. They beg their way onto the flight. As they get on, Rob asks whether the flight is closed and the door is closed, and he's told that it is. He smiles. Elsewhere, Uchenna and Joyce see the flight that's boarding, and they surmise that the agent probably figured they couldn't make it in time. Rob and Amber put their backpacks up into the overhead, as he explains that they intend to abandon them, since they can't run around with stuff on the ground in Miami. Uchenna and Joyce run up to the gate for the flight, but they're told that they can't get on.

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