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Uchenna actually tries to get someone to give him 50 dollars, and if you can show me where in the Bible it says someone should give you 50 dollars of their own money so that you can make a million dollars, I'll find that very interesting. I think I've never read that part. They get a little money from these people. Uchenna, incidentally, makes a comment about "we can't just run in; we have to make sure this man is covered," and what they don't tell you is that this is not altruism -- they were apparently told that they couldn't check in at the finish line when they hadn't paid their driver, which makes perfect sense, because you have to finish the race, and that means having money for your cab, unless you can get your cab to accept less, which, really, why should he? Seriously. Why should he? You don't have an emergency -- you want to win money. Why should he work for you for free, or at a discount, just because you want a million dollars? You gotta pay your cabbie, and you gotta pay him in cash, and you gotta pay him immediately upon delivery; that's my feeling. Particularly when you've reassured him repeatedly that you will pay him, trying to get him to accept a ring is just...not that cool, to me.

Rob and Amber make it over a bridge as it's about to close.

Uchenna asks a guy for $25. The guy doesn't appreciate being hit up for a pretty ridiculous sum, begging-wise, and when they tell him they have to pay a cab they have already taken, the guy seems even less impressed. "Begging ain't the way to do it," he says. Rob and Amber are approaching; Uchenna is begging. He hits up a guy who gives him $10.

It appears that Joyce has taken the tack of telling people she's collecting "donations" (hmmm), because some nice lady says, "Can you tell me what I'm donating for?" Joyce takes the money, walks several steps back from the lady, and then, while continuing to retreat, says, "For, uhhh...we're racing." Mm-hmm. Not loving the technique. Definitely not seeing the hand of God here. I don't blame them, but this is we-smell-the-money stuff, and it has nothing to do with being generous.

Uchenna and Joyce get the money, they pay the cabbie, they run up to the mat, everyone cheers, and they win. Which is nice, because they're lovely people. And she's an awesome bald lady, and they were very awesome and sweet to each other. They cheer, everyone else cheers, and I'm totally distracted by the stupid fact that Bianca is wearing a tank top that says, "Bianca." What?

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