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4:41 AM. Uchenna and Joyce. They like the sound of Jamaica as well. And the other teams apparently got $630 for the leg, so there's going to be some work to do. Uchenna again swears as they leave that they've "been quarreling a lot" over the last few years, and says they've "been looking at options that don't include being together." Aww. You can tell he doesn't even like saying that out loud, like it will make the Candyman appear, but he also says that their situation has "turned around a lot." He's proud of Joyce. Aww. He also wants a million dollars. Aww -- well, okay, not so much with that one. That one is more, "Word." They grab a cab to Heathrow.

Ron and Kelly get to the airport and head for Air Jamaica, where they learn of the 12:40 flight to Kingston. Uchenna and Joyce arrive and find out the same thing. Ron bitches to Kelly about how "worthless" the expensive cab ride was, as opposed to the taxi. Kelly asks him to let it go. She interviews that they don't do a good job of communicating when they get into a fight. She says that as the race ends, they need to "talk about what's going to happen next." It seems to me that an airport on no sleep is just about the worst possible setting for this conversation, but here they are, having it anyway. The only right way to watch this conversation, incidentally, is with your hands over your eyes, peering through interlaced fingers.

Kelly wants to know where the relationship is going when they get home, and Ron says he's been as "real" as he can about "where this is going." And I don't even get what he's saying at first. He tells her right out that he doesn't want to be married right now, and doesn't feel ready for that commitment. He somehow relates this all back to his POW experience, which is a little tacky, talking about how he spent all that time with somebody controlling everything he did, and he doesn't want "a control factor" now. You know, wives are a little different from Iraqi prison guards, I like to think, Ron. ["Wives generally, sure. Kelly in particular…does seem like she'd run a guy like Ron's drill sergeant in basic." -- Sars] "More than anything, I just hoped this worked out between us," Kelly says as she cries into a tissue. "I love you, and that's why I'm sad," she says. Aww. That was kind of heartbreaking. It was! I'm not totally without feelings, people. Ron, though, is totally right when he interviews that Kelly really wants to get married, and he thinks letting anybody pressure you into being married when you don't feel ready is a very bad idea. Indeed, Kelly would do well to remember that even if she got him to marry her, she would then have know, be married to him. I seriously cannot imagine being in a marriage with someone you knew didn't want to be there. Just...cannot imagine anything more unhappy or less comfortable. What's really annoying, though, is how she goes, "Why do you act like my boyfriend, then, on this race?" As if being someone's boyfriend is a total fraud unless you're ready to be married right this minute. She was okay up until that last part. At any rate, she says that she's not giving up on the race, but you can tell she sort of already has. Can't really blame her.

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