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The teams all buy tickets to Jamaica on the 12:40 flight. It leaves. They're all on it, as the Amazing Map shows. And then...Jamaica! With the beautiful water and the happy music and the shorts and the loud prints. Hey, mon! (Oh, I'm sorry, we covered that already.) The teams get off the plane and head for taxis. It's dark out as they get going toward Frenchman's Cove at Port Antonio. Ron and Kelly note that they got away from the airport in last place, meaning that they are sucking wind race-wise, in addition to personally. Uchenna and Joyce, on the other hand, note that they were here once on a vacation, although he allows that "this is a little different." Heh. Fewer little umbrellas, probably. Rob and Amber are just behind them, and then we go to Ron and Kelly. "Ah, the smell of a Third World country again," Ron says kind of obnoxiously. And then we look at poor, dirty Kelly, who is really unhappy about not having makeup, whether she knows it or not. Because she looks rough.

Joyce and Uchenna hop out at the Frenchman's Cove clue. It is this week's Roadblock. Not only that, but it might be the best Roadblock ever. What is it? It's the limbo. Not only that, but the lower you can limbo, the earlier you can leave in the morning. It's a terrific, simple task, and I give big credit to the task planners for coming up with it. Phil explains that the Limboblocker will have eight chances to do the Limbo rock all around the Limboblock (sorry! Had to!) to see how low they can get. Joyce takes the Limboblock for her team. She easily goes under the first stick, corresponding to 9:15 AM. Rob and Amber are the next to arrive, and Amber takes the Limboblock. In fact, she explains in an interview that Rob has done all six of his, so she's got to do this one and, if there's a Roadblock in the second half of this episode, that one as well. The long and the short of all of this Limbo-ing is that Joyce can get under the second-to-lowest setting, which is for 8:30 AM, while both Kelly and Amber get under the lowest -- 8:15.

Amber is first to finish. "That's it, that's it," Rob says to her, and then he breaks out a mighty "YEAH!" when she nails it. She's a competitor, that one. She also has the advantage, I will tell you right now, of being teeny. They collect their clue, which tells them that in the morning, they can leave and will make their way 11 miles to Grants Level (so unpunctuated), where they'll find another clue. Rob tells Amber he couldn't have done the limbo, and as he shimmies over to the stick and makes like he's going to try it, you can see that he's probably right. Not that the thought of him trying wouldn't have been mightily amusing, if only because anything that makes him look like a dweeb is probably worth seeing. Uchenna comments that he and Joyce will start off behind as a result of this. See? Disadvantage! Underdogs! Kelly, on the other hand, says that she and Ron always find themselves with Rob and Amber, and she's concluded that Rob and Amber are scared of them. I think she's confusing "scared of them" with "scared of being there when one of them opens up that long-time-coming can of whoop-ass." Amber, on the other hand, says that Uchenna and Joyce are behind, while Ron and Kelly hate each other, so she and Rob are thinking things look pretty good. The teams relax around a fire. I bet that was a fun evening. I'm thinking that's the most tension-filled gathering since the Queen ran into Camilla in the ladies'.

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