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Too Much of a Good Thing

On the water taxi to Eden Beach, Anthony asks Bates, "You got my teeth?" So I guess his dental appliance stays on the ground, with Bates as its sometime keeper. Lucky, lucky Bates. They tandem-interview that they spend a lot of time together, to the point where they finish each other's "sandwiches." This is clearly a bit they worked out in advance. Keep working on it, guys. They get to the second Roadblock and are pretty happy to see other teams still there, as well as Caroline and Jennifer when they arrive close behind, in seventh place. "Go to hell, bitches," one of the twins snarls under his breath. This task clearly does not agree with him. Chuck tries to cheer up Wynona, reminding her that she wanted to come on this show and go to the beach. "I thought they'd have a lawn chair and a vodka and 7Up sittin' there for me," she complains. That sounds like a highly entertaining task. And totally likely, too.

Believe it or not, Bates is actually the next person to find a clue, allowing him and Anthony to leap from sixth place to second place at a stroke. Soon they're on their way to build their canoe. "So much for strategy, huh?" Dave says, his face crusted with sand. Idries threatens to pass out and Jamil confides that his brother is currently a little "frag-ile." Fragile enough to trigger an ad break, in fact.

Coming back, Jamil is trying to remain optimistic. Even though first place is probably out of their reach now, he's hoping they can be the second team on the first flight to check in and score the Express Pass that way. Holding out hope for their social game.

Firefighters Matt and Daniel are the eighth team to find the clue explaining the sandcastle task, followed by Max and Katie in ninth. Katie is worried about having to do a task that's out of their control. So she's a control freak, too? Cool.

Jessica & John arrive at what must be the tenth beach of this episode, where Phil is waiting with a hatted, shirtless local, who welcomes them to Bora Bora. Don't worry, there's no nonsense about subtitled greetings in the local language. Phil tells them they're team number one and they throw their flower-crowns into the air in celebration. As promised, Phil presents them with both Express Passes. "That is power in your hands," he tells them. John interviews that yes, they agreed to give the second one to the second team in their alliance to arrive, "but at the same time, we want to play the game smart. We don't want to just hand over advantages to other teams, so we'll see how things play out." And if they can make a mortal enemy in the process, I suppose that's just gravy. Either way, I'm sure the producers will be happy that it looks like some drama might yet arise from this after all.

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