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Too Much of a Good Thing

Anthony and Bates are already in their canoe and on the water en route to the Pit Stop. Joey and Meghan find the sandcastle Roadblock. "I love playing in the sand!" Joey flounces. "You think you love playing in the sand. Give it three hours," grumbles one of the other racers, I'm guessing Idries. Joey figures this is where they'll catch up. "Joey, there's entertainment now!" Meghan gasps excitedly as the ukulele player returns from a break. These two are going to wear me out in a hurry. The other teams, however, are already worn out from the task. Mona and Beth show up in last place, as Beth says, "This is where being a mom comes in handy. I've built my fair share of sandcastles." In the Rockies?

Bates and Anthony are team number two. Here is a status report on Anthony's teeth: they are currently out. I will keep you posted as the season progresses.

Dave tells Connor that all the castles have been searched, even when Connor points out there are nine left. Dave figures he may not have been digging deep enough and indeed, the very next castle we see him level turns out to have a clue beneath it. That puts him and Connor in third place and theoretically in a good position to receive that second Express Pass from John & Jessica, depending on how determined the latter team is to shoot themselves in the foot. Beth is the next to find a clue, taking the derby moms from last place to fourth, a bigger leap than the hockey-playing brothers took. We cut right to Dave & Connor carrying their canoe into the water, so putting it together must be a pretty un-telegenic task. "Here we come, Phil!" Dave yells telegenically.

Pam is the next to find a clue under a sandcastle, putting her and Winnie in fifth place. Joey wastes a bunch of energy with twee real-time narration of his search and then wastes even more jumping up and down and screaming when he finds a clue. Idries already hates him more than I do.

Dave and Connor are the third team to arrive at the mat and they seem pretty confident that they "should" get the Express Pass. "Let's hope Jessica and John stick to their word." But where's the drama in that?

Caroline compliments Jennifer on her patience. Which, you know, they need in their profession, what with all the rejection they have to deal with. Sucks being a hot blonde and another hot blonde, you know. Idries finally locates a clue, so he and Jamil are on their way in seventh place, having fallen from second during this task. They go to the canoes and Jamil interviews how he's really trying to make sure they get the boat together correctly because he's afraid of water, being from inner city Chicago and all. Pam and Winnie are already crossing the water, as are Mona & Beth. And the twins are soon launching their canoe, stressed out about drop-offs as they wade into depths upwards of an entire yard.

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