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As a result, Max & Katie are the next team to reach the mat. Phil waits for Caroline and Jennifer to wade ashore, then checks in Team Newlywed as team number nine and Caroline and Jennifer as team number ten. Phil reminds both those teams that they took a four-hour penalty, so they'll be starting the next leg four hours later than they otherwise would. "I understand that the last the last team has also taken a four-hour penalty, which essentially means that you have survived," he adds, less smoothly than usual. This development appears to have thrown him off his stride a bit. Max and Katie congratulate themselves on being diabolical geniuses, in the long tradition of diabolical geniuses. And also in the even longer tradition of people who do something sort of clever and then decide they are diabolical geniuses.

Matt & Daniel are the last to arrive and are Philiminated as promised. "We both left it all on the table and Bora Bora won," Matt claims, which is a pretty ballsy thing to say after quitting a Roadblock. And then their send-off is a mini-blooper reel of their ill-starred boat ride as they interview that they never thought they'd be eliminated canoeing. "We get beat canoeing by two blonde girls. I'm sure we're never going to hear the end of this at the firehouse." And just to make sure, the editors supply their buddies with what seems like an endless loop of Matt & Daniel's canoe-flips, from multiple angles, all the way to the end titles. I'm getting waterlogged just watching it.

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