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I try not to hate Joey and Megan the moment Phil introduces them as "YouTube sensations" from Los Angeles, but it's going to be a struggle. Especially when Joey insists that they're not just cute, although he knows they are, but also competitive. "Team Cute activate!" Megan says, and they throw their gang sign. I am not using "Team Cute." Also, I have officially lost my struggle and I now hate them.

Matt and Daniel are best friends and firefighters from Gaffney, South Carolina. They've been best friends since age five and have been on the same truck crew for the past six years. Somehow The Amazing Race cameras are allowed to join them at a fire and everything, which is either an unprecedented level of access or total bullshit.

This season's blondes are Caroline and Jennifer are from Nashville, so of course they're country singers like everyone else who lives there. They plug their band Stealing Angels, which is actually a threesome, so the brunette member had to stay home. They threaten to flirt on the race if necessary, which always works and unlike Winnie, they are looking for love. That might slow them down on the race a smidge.

So that's everyone. They make it to the observatory on the hilltop and up the outside stairs to the roof, where Phil is, naturally, waiting for them. They line up in front of him in the familiar crescent formation so Phil can announce, "In just a few minutes, you will be heading to a spectacular tropical paradise that we've never been to before. And when you're there, you'll be taking part in a thrilling challenge that will literally take your breath away." He adds that the winners of this leg will win not only an Express Pass for themselves, but another one to give to another team. "If you win this leg, you will have the power to determine who gets ahead and who gets left behind." They'll have to decide who to give it to before the end of the fourth leg. So unlike last season, the winner makes friends instead of enemies. Remember how Abbie and Ryan's victory in the first leg put them and them alone in the running for a two-million-dollar prize? And how that quickly had them targeted for elimination by not only most of the other teams, but also by the Frankfurt International Airport? Good times. As usual, Phil warns them that most of them will be eliminated, but the team that gets to the final leg and reaches the Finish Line first wins the race and one million dollars. I always hope this is going to be news to someone, but that's not the case tonight. The first clue? It's inside one of the small fleet of product-placed sedans parked down below. Phil raising his hand and people getting on their marks looks a little odd on this crowded roof with only one way down, but the speech is the same: "The world is waiting for you. Good luck, travel safe, [eyebrow pop], go!"

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