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Too Much of a Good Thing

During Matt's skydive, he interviews about how he always wanted to do this but never got the opportunity or even been out of the country before. Max is soon on his way down as well.

On the beach, John takes it upon himself to give us a sitrep: the five teams on the first flight have agreed to have the first-place team give the second Express Pass they win to the team that gets second place. "So everybody working right here? Basically working as a team." That's... not what that means, John. He seems to have rather limited metaphorical skills. He might be more of a metathree kind of guy.

The search continues, with sandcastles being destroyed and rebuilt, and Jessica is the first to discover a clue inserted vertically into the sand. I was starting to wonder if maybe people weren't digging deep enough; from what we've seen, they're only flattening the sandcastles just to ground level. John and Jessica's clue instructs them to go down the beach to assemble a "va'a," which, as Phil explains from the shore where one is being assembled next to him, is an outrigger canoe. The task pretty much consists of lashing the float to the main hull, using ropes and poles that are also provided. When they've accomplished this to the satisfaction of a task judge, they'll get in the canoe and paddle it across more than a mile of water to Motu Café, a hut on yet another beach (this island appears to be 99% beach and 1% huts) with a hand-painted sign. In case we've forgotten in the thirty seconds since someone last mentioned it, Phil reminds us that the first team to check in will win not one but two Express Passes, both of which he shows us with a little sleight-of hand, once again adding that the second one is to be given to another team. "And the last team to check in here will be eliminated." Hard. Core.

Jessica and John find their way to a tiny shipyard under some palm trees (John annoying a stone-faced local with a shout of "What's uuuup?") and find the supplies they need: a canoe, a float, poles and rope. They get right to work at making them all part of a whole.

Meghan and then Mona make it out of the helicopter, Mona still being optimistic about their prospects despite their last-place position because she wants to show her kids something or other.

Jessica and John have already finished their canoe and are dragging it out into the calm water with the help of the guide, spotting a stingray hovering just under the surface nearby. He also helps them paddle it, as it turns out (the guide, not the stingray). And they seem to have overestimated the stability of the canoe, because it only has a float on the port side. As for the starboard side, it proves very easy to tip clear over onto, which they discover after doing so a couple of times.

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