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They fight some more. He says he did his best. She's her usual dismissive self, which he sort of deserves, but which she still shouldn't -- never mind, I'm about to rewrite that same paragraph all over again.

Blake and Paige have what I actually think is a pretty impressive conversation where he points out on the map exactly where they are, what they did wrong, and how they need to get turned around to wind up where they need to be. They screw up a lot, I'll admit, but they have a really good routine with the driving and the navigating. Paige keeps her head very, very well when she's doing one of these difficult driving tasks, and Blake seems to be pretty good with the map, so hats off to the Teeth for this particular piece of their game.

Alex and Chris are still a little bit lost. They, too, have a good routine -- Chris is driving, but he's also telling Alex not to panic. "Take your time, don't worry," he tells him. Everyone drives around, but no one is sure where they're going. Chris stops to ask directions from some old guys. Unfortunately, the guy they wind up talking to is a little hard for Alex to understand. His version of "pointing" does indeed seem a little vague -- he kind of points in both directions while telling Alex to go "that way." He also tells Alex, in response to a question about the distance to where they're going, that it's "a little bit far." "A little bit fah?" Alex repeats. "What's a little bit fah?" Hee. He's getting nowhere. The guy eventually says it's about a mile and a half, but he sounds like he might be making it up. Chris is in the car biting his nails, commenting that "everything is a mile and a half in this country." Say, Chris, what country would that be?

Wil spots a little arrow sending them down the famous "little-known access road." The Teeth spot it, too, and Paige does a cute little shtick -- seriously her only one of the entire race -- about how she takes full credit for her brilliance in spotting the arrow, despite the fact that she stumbled across it completely at random. Heh. So now, Taraweasel and the Teeth are on the road to the pit stop. In the Taraweasel car, Wil is hypothesizing that other teams may have screwed up and missed the arrow -- he's basically trying to convince Tara that his lengthy struggle with the yellow insulated lunch bag may not really be all that big a deal. Meanwhile, Alex and Chris think they've spotted the road, but they're wrong. They drive up it anyway. They wind up driving up a big dirt hill, and they realize pretty quickly that they're not where they should be. Man, I think CBS owes some hapless property owner some money, because they are tearing up the turf.

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