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Follow That Plane!, Part I

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Taraweasel and the Teeth are on the road to the pit stop again, and Wil is trying to convince Tara not to be upset at him again. This is such a sad display. He's so awful, and then she's so awful, and then he actually tries to get her approval, and she withholds it, and he punishes her later...uch. Make it stop.

Chris and Alex abandon The Road Of Irrelevance and get back on the highway in search of the road with the little arrow. They discuss the fact that they haven't really made a lot of mistakes up to this point, which I'm not sure I entirely agree with. They've certainly gotten lost before, much as they did today. They finally see the arrow and get going in the right direction.

Taraweasel is being tightly tailed by the Teeth. They pull up to the pit stop location at basically the same time. "We're going to run it, Wil, it's a footrace," Tara says in a fairly bossy fashion. (Oh, the irony! Doesn't it make your head hurt?) Everybody out of the cars, and now they're running. Blake takes a highly comical leap over some shrubs (TARflies: "Bwaaaah!"), as Phil and the greeter wait to see who will reach them first. Taraweasel approaches from another direction. Taraweasel. The Teeth. Taraweasel. The Teeth. And it's -- Blake and Paige, landing on the mat first! Phil tells them they're team number one. He also tells them that they've won a European vacation for edging out Taraweasel to win the leg. (TARflies: "Wooo!") Blake and Paige hug. (It's all very innocent.) Taraweasel step up to the mat -- they're team number two. They give each other the world's lamest high-five. Really. The world's lamest, I kid you not.

Boston, still trying to get to the pit stop. Alex comments that the race provides "the highest of highs, lowest of lows," and that right now, they're at a low point. No kidding. This is...what, three consecutive finishes behind the Teeth and Taraweasel? Chris comments that tomorrow is, of course, more important. They finally bail out of the car and run for the mat. When they get there, Phil tells them they're in third place. But they're still in the race! "No, eliminate us, dude. Eliminate us," Chris laments. Heh. "We don't deserve to be in the race anymore," Alex adds. "Just eliminate us -- I'm sorry, I'm so upset right now," Chris clowns, turning away from the camera in mock-despair as Alex laughs. He really is a little bit funny.

As they walk away, Phil voices over that Wil and Tara were given a one-minute credit for a "minor production difficulty," so they also got the European vacation. Bastards. Luck! Of! The! Evil! (Miss Alli's Mom: "Oh, goody. They can still travel together.")

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