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Boston arrives at the airport and parks. Inside, they start calling around to look for flights. Taraweasel arrives as well. Soon, Chris and Alex and Tara are all using the phones to work on their flights. Now, while she's on the phone, Tara says the following to Wil: "You can get rid of the maps. Not the clue, but get rid of the maps." This implies, of course, that the clue is with the maps, does it not? It does. Wil grabs the maps and stuff that Tara has.

It gets to be 5:00 AM. Blake and Paige and Wil and Tara are both working on flights. It sounds like Tara and Wil have already booked everything from Honolulu to Anchorage back at the hotel, but they're working on getting the first flight from Maui to Honolulu. Alex explains that he and Chris have booked to Honolulu, and then to San Francisco, Seattle, and Anchorage. (Anchorage, via San Francisco and Seattle? How…familiar.) He further exposits that Taraweasel and the Teeth are trying to get on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Honolulu fifteen minutes earlier than theirs, but they're taking standby, and Boston has decided to be better safe than sorry, so they've confirmed the slightly later Aloha flight. (If they're going to be on the same flights from Honolulu to wherever, I don't get why it matters, but...all right.) He also says "the pressure is immense." Hmm.

Wil explains that the ticket agent for Hawaiian Airlines helped them get on the slightly earlier flight. Blake and Paige seem to be on it, too. Now, Tara checks to make sure Wil has the clue. Wil says he doesn't. Tara starts looking for it, but she knows she doesn't have it. "She lost the clue," Wil immediately says, like the blaming-everyone-else dickweed that he's been from day one. "Why do you blame it on me?" she demands. He insists that she had it. She insists that it was "in the book," which he had. What happened to The Amazing Purse? Isn't that the point of The Purse? So you don't lose the stuff you really need? "I'll get it from Chris and Alex," she says simply. Pretty nervy of her, I'd say, assuming they're just going to hand over the clue. Wil points out that Boston isn't currently available. She says she'll ask Blake and Paige, which is extremely comical, in my personal opinion. Wil quite correctly says that there's no way in hell that the Teeth are going to bail out Tara and Wil's foolish asses. She blames him for the fact that the Teeth hate them. He blames her some more for losing the clue. He wants to know whether she remembers the name of the place, and she doesn't. I contemplate throwing my margarita at the television.

Side note: If you want one comparison between last season and this season, there wasn't anybody last season who lasted for any length of time who was stupid enough to lose their money or their clue. These people have been able to get away with a lot more sloppy play, because there aren't consistent teams in the race who never screw up who hold your feet to the fire. There's been speculation in the forums that any of the last three teams in the first season would have, over the course of a thirteen-leg race, eaten any of these three teams for breakfast without even chewing. Frankly, I think it's probably true. Just a note for the curious.

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