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Follow That Plane!, Part I

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In their cab, Alex promises to hang on tight to the clue. Chris assures him that even if he were to lose it, Chris has a "photographic memory." Heh. I'm not sure he has that, but he does have The Amazing Purse, which may very well have magical powers. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.

The Air New Zealand counter opens. The agent tells Taraweasel that the Tonga plan is indeed not happening. No space, Weasel. Blake works on the Sydney route, and indeed, that turns out to be the best way to go for everybody. Paige is concerned about whether this is really the fastest flight, but Blake knows that Tara and the Weasel booked the same flight, so he assures her that it must be the right one. (And after all, even if it isn't, they won't be behind.) A long line has formed at Air New Zealand behind these two teams while they've been booking, and here come Chris and Alex. Alex politely asks the people in line whether they might cut in, and the people in line politely say no. Hee. Well, it was worth a try, Boston. Tara goes over to hang out with Chris and Alex (mostly Alex) in line, which of course annoys Wil all over again. With them smoochety-smooching in the background, Wil talks to the camera about how her mind isn't in the game, blah blah blah she's-kissing-someone-other-than-me-cakes. In line, Alex warns Tara that Wil won't like the fact that she's "fraternizing" with them. (The "is that what the kids are calling it these days?" joke is so easy I can barely approach it without shuddering.) She responds that she's already been told not to "speak to the little maggots." Maggots? Nice. Wil certainly does have a delicate touch in trying to get his way, doesn't he? When Tara detaches herself from Alex's face, she and Wil bicker a little more on their way to the gate about who plays how, whose head isn't in the game, who does what, who wrote the book of non-love, and who's buried in Grant's tomb. Or something equally interesting. The highlight is when Wil asks her whether she wants him to play like she does, with his "arms around Chris and Alex." Now that would be a development. ["And, according to the authorities I consult on matters gaydar, one that's long overdue." -- Sars]

Commercials. Off! Botanical bug spray will make you hallucinate that plants are walking up to you and offering their natural chemical combinations for your own selfish purposes. Or something.

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