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Follow That Plane!, Part I

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Wil complains to Tara, yelling to her from the water as she perches in the boat, that he just can't open the box. She tells him to keep trying. He and Alex keep up the fight.

The Teeth approach. Blake has tied some sort of scarfy thing around his head in preparation for this quest. He grabs the clue, agrees to do the task, and he's quickly in the water. So now all three men are yanking on these yellow things that sort of look like insulated lunch coolers floating underwater. Heh -- I love this show. "What's the problem there, A.B.?" Chris yells in the general direction of Alex. Cracking these boxes is, it appears, not easy, especially when you can't be down there for more than five seconds without coming up for air. Paige yells to Blake that he rocks. He pops his case (ew, no, literally) and the clue floats up and out. (TARflies [appropriately enough]: "Wooo!") As Blake returns to his boat, Tara wonders aloud how Blake came up with it before Wil. Well, because you're hitched to a guy who really isn't all that coordinated, Tara. "Blake got it!" she yells angrily at Wil. This is where Tara begins to become the absolute worst version of herself. It's like The Hulk -- you can see her get all green and scaly.

Alex manages to free the clue and heads back toward his boat. "Wil! Everyone got it but you!" Tara yells oh-so-helpfully. I'm sure that's going to really speed up the process. Now he'll be really able to concentrate and put his nose to that underwater grindstone. As Blake clambers over the side of the Teeth boat and pulls off his snorkel gear, he triumphantly yells, "That's what I'm TALKIN' about!" Oh, good. Now he can go eat wings with Boston on Sundays. "Come on, Wil, everyone got it but you!" Tara screeches. "Tara, stop it!" Wil yells back at her, and not without justification, I'd add. Chris is highly amused at Wil's meltdown, which on the one hand is mean, but which on the other hand Wil totally deserves. Tara and Wil yell some more -- she comments that he's "suckin' it up again." Blake gets a little kiss from Paige (no, no, the okay kind), and Alex gets congratulations from Chris. The clue they retrieved tells them to go to a boat ramp and then drive to the next pit stop, which is at the Huialoha Church. This will involve, among other things, locating what Phil calls a "little-known access road." Boats streak back toward the ramp.

Wil is still trying to open the box. "I can't do it," he calls out to Tara. "Well, get in there and do it, man, do it!" she screeches. (I use the word "screech" again only because it is so depressingly appropriate. I hope she was suitably chagrined watching this on television.) She yells that he always quits, which is true, but I don't know how she can possibly believe the approach that she's chosen here is going to help. "Get in there and do it, the other folks already took off!" she yells. "How can you not do it? Everyone else did it!" You know, you could make this segment into a piece for Sesame Street if you were ever trying to teach the word "berate." "You were the first one there!" she screams.

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