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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

And one other thing. I've heard a lot (and said more than a little bit) about how certain aspects of this ending resemble last year's. And I can see where all of it comes from, but I have to say this much -- if you think these people are Esquire and Danza redux by any stretch of the imagination? Forget it.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer -- and The Amazing Bert.

You know, it's still just a really good show. Sometimes, it's a little maddening, but it's so strong technically that even when things go a little awry (I think the teams weren't as compelling as personalities this go-round), it's great to watch. Thanks again to all involved for a good, good season. And sometime soon, stay tuned for the TARcon recap, where you will hear all about the TARflies making a joyful noise in New York. ["Rumor also has it that there's an interview in the offing with some old friends." -- Sars] So don't go away just yet.

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