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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

The Teeth approach. They find the flag and head inside, where they pick up their tools.

Boston 4x4. Alex enjoys a refreshing sandwich while Chris continues to drive. Oh, and Chris also enjoys a refreshing sandwich. Enjoy a refreshing sandwich, won't you? They head across the gorge. Soundtrack, and specifically The Strings Of Mounting Tension: "[Bump-bump ba-da-da-da.]" After they cross the big nasty bridge, they reach a spot where there are three big ice globes on ice pedestals. They pull the clue, and it's a Roadblock. Pop quiz, hotshot: How many people can perform a Roadblock? That's right -- one. Because Phil tells us so, and Phil knows all. He explains that this time, the clues are frozen inside the ice globes. In order to get the clue out, the person who does the Roadblock is allowed to use all the tools they brought, which include the blowtorch, a saw, a chisel, a little hammer, a drill...methods abound. Now, notice that the Roadblock clue actually says that the person who does it "should be able to chip away at a challenge." If you were smart, you could take that as a hint. Chris takes the Roadblock. He straps on the big face mask and goes to work with the hammer and the chisel. He takes a few big whacks at it with just the little hammer, but when that fails, he goes back to chiseling. This seems to be the way to go, because big chunks quickly start falling off of the globe. In what looks like a reasonably short time, he reaches the middle and is able to pull out the clue. The clue instructs them to go to Oakland and then proceed to San Francisco (described as "the final city"), where they'll have to find Landmark #97, at the corner of Broadway and Jones. Phil explains (with some help from the drunken careening cameramen) that the landmark in question is the Atkinson-Escher House. Alex, incidentally, has picked up one of those horrible floppy hats like Rob wound up in last year at the end. Ugh.

Controversial, Fateful Boston Choice. Chris explains in the 4x4 that he and Alex have decided to go to Fairbanks rather than Anchorage to look for flights, because they've decided Fairbanks is a little bit closer. Alex goes all beer-blast as he waggles his head and says things like "finish line, baby" and "San Fran" and a lot of crap I'd rather not recall. They speed down the road.

Taraweasel shows up at the ice globes. When they read the clue, Wil takes it on. (Good move, Tara -- give him flames and sharp objects. Actually, never mind -- I don't actually want either of them to have flames or sharp objects, so it's all the same, I guess.) Now, you know how much I love the editors of this show, and you know what a crazy job I think they do with specific funny edits. But I have to say that this is one of the best-cut sequences they've done, just for pure humor, suspense, and pacing. It's really quite brilliant from this point up until everybody peels out of the parking lot.

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