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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

Heeeere come the Teeth! They pull up to the globes and hop out.

Wil continues to drill very tiny, very deep holes in the ice ball. Ha! Keep it up, Weasel, it's working like a charm! Blake, meanwhile, is running up with his bag of tools. Man, this Roadblock is PERFECT for Blake! The planning, the wild maneuvers, the eight ways to accomplish each wonder he's giggling about how much fun it's going to be. He dumps out the stuff, throws on the goggles and the mask, and goes to work. He tries about two blows with the hammer, and immediately switches to the chisel. Wil, on the other hand, is getting some kind of a sexual charge from that drill, because he just does not want to put it down. He's actually managed to take a big bite out of the side of the globe, but he's getting nowhere.

Back at the Teeth Globe, Paige breathlessly says, "Oh, yeah, Blake. You're almost there. You're almost there." (Yeah, I know. But I'm leaving it alone, because I met their mom. And...normally, I try not to let that kind of thing affect the recaps, but...I met their MOM. What do you want from me?) Cut back to Wil, who is whacking the globe with the hammer. Frustrated, he tries shoving the globe off the stand onto the ground. Hee! Tara comes over and shows him where exactly in the globe the clue is (she probably shouldn't have done quite that much interfering, in the sense that she, the non-Roadblocker, actually lays hands on the globe), and Wil whacks it with the hammer some more. She recommends -- relatively gently, for Tara -- that he use the chisel. "No!" he yells. "Yes!" she yells back. Then they start making out. Just kidding.

Blake, chiseling. Wil, taking Tara's advice and using the chisel, and thus knocking half the globe off with one blow. "There you go, see?" she says. "I don't know why you never listen to me." Back to Blake, chiseling. (TARflies, chanting: "Blake! Blake! Blake! Blake!") Wil, looking at the globe on the ground. Tara is telling him that the clue is really close to the surface of the ice. "Can you get it?" she asks. "No," he says sadly. Blake, on the other hand, gives a couple more whacks and his clue comes right to him. Of course, he called it "baby," so what choice did it have? (TARflies: "WOOOOOOOOO!") He and Paige rip it open and rush to their 4x4 to head for the airport. Back at Wil's Ice Follies, he finally manages to pry the clue out of the ice, handing it immediately to Tara. "San Francisco, baby!" she says as they get into the car. Paige, in the Teeth car, is saying basically the same thing.

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