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Smithing and Sewing

The Chippendales reach the market next and start searching through a bag, Jaymes gagging as he sticks his whole head in there. Theirs seems to have the loudest flies so far. Josh & Brent show up and spot them. While rummaging around, Jaymes says, "This is like when you can't find the scoop in the protein shake." The goat farmers join the hunt, and actually find their fish next, holding it up so the Chippendales can see it. They find their own fish soon thereafter, and the two teams head off to the cotton task in fifth and sixth place.

Abbie and Ryan finish re-sewing their mattress. While the judge is checking their work, Abbie says, "I'd sleep here tonight." Then the judge gives them a thumbs-up, Ryan hugs him aggressively, and I realize Abbie was being serious.

Josh and Brent are at the cotton task, bickering about whether or not Josh is knocking cotton out of their workspace. Jaymes & James soon join them, but without the bickering.

The twins have found their driver, and rush him to where they catch the riverboat, chanting his name, Babu, the whole way. Rob & Kelley look for someone who can take them to the river, and when that proves too challenging, they revise their goals to finding someone who speaks English. And then they'll go from there.

On the way to the market, Trey and Lexi's taxi passes Gary and Will's, much to Gary's obvious frustration. You'd think he'd be used to it by now. Team Austin also finds their fish before the substitute teachers get out of their cab at the market, and decide to pound metal. The substitutes get their gold fish and their clue in last place, and since Gary's weak right now, he decides they should do the cotton task. Too bad there isn't always a cotton task.

Despite finishing the Detour in fourth place, Abbie and Ryan are now in second place as they approach the location where they have to catch the riverboat, Abbie helpfully holding the clue in such a way so that I can see how to spell Keronigonj Kholamora Launch Ghat. They soon board the boat, whose pilot tells them they'll be casting off in a minute or less. So it must be only seconds later when the twins show up and get on board, much to Team Grabbie's annoyance. Either that or the boats in Bangladesh don't run exactly on time, which hardly seems possible.

Rob & Kelley, after more searching, finally find a taxi. At the cotton task, Jaymes sportscasts, "It's the Beekmans against the Ja/mses." The Chippendales are regretting their choice of a sewing task, so much so that Jaymes interviews, "If you get a mattress that says 'Made in Bangladesh,' make sure it doesn't say 'by Jaymes & James." At the task, James says this gives them new appreciation for their wardrobe department (as shown by how they rip it all off), and Brent volunteers that Josh used to sew his own costumes back in his drag queen days. Wait, what? Doesn't that seem like something that would be for Josh to tell? Jaymes is impressed, and asks Josh what his drag queen name was. Josh modestly says that his costumes always fell apart, but that "someone is sleeping on an Aquadisiac mattress tonight." Indeed, because they get their clue and are off to the Pit Stop in fifth place. The Chippendales, on the other hand, get the dreaded "too much left over" gesture. Not enough material covered by fabric, as is usually the case with Chippendales.

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