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Smithing and Sewing

Trey & Lexi are at the blacksmith station, where Lexi guesses that the substitute teachers must have gone to the cotton task. "I guess they were scared of Trey's muscles," Lexi says. The Chippendales are indeed happy to see Gary and Will show up at the mattress area because it means they're not in last place, and Jaymes refers to them as "Jack and the Beanstalk." That's not bad, actually. He's clearly not worried. "Once you fight for last and win, you ain't scared of it," he says. Like a near-death experience.

The riverboat carrying Team Grabbie and the twins sails along, each team worried about beating the other like there wasn't a Fast Forward that has already made their impending footrace from one ghat to another irrelevant. Natalie calls Abbie "the craziest couple here, who are almost psychotic. And they are like in crazy good shape." I don't know, Ryan seemed to have more trouble with those seats than she did. Anyway, the boat docks at Swarighat, where the teams rush off the boat and start running around in search of Phil. But the first team to find them is Ryan and Abbie, who show up with such a small lead on the twins that the orange-bearded greeter says "Shagotom" to all four of them at the same time. After all that, they're team number two and team number three. They take the news with no excitement whatsoever

Kelley and Rob get out of their taxi and get on a boat to Swarighat, or so they think. They're on a long, open boat rather than one of the big ferries, and as they cast off, the goat famers show up on the bank and Josh calls to them, "Hey, Georgia! Do we have to take that boat?" Rob hollers back that they're lost, more truthfully than he realizes. The goat farmers ask around and end up getting on a similar boat.

Trey and Lexi finish the "Pound the Metal" task, mostly Trey. Now they're in sixth place, because the Chippendales and the substitute teachers are still busy sewing up their mattresses. But the Chippendales finish next, so they're in seventh. And despite being in last, Gary says he didn't give up the other day and he's not giving up today. Two legs ago, though, that was different.

Rob and Kelley are enjoying their boat ride, and watching kids dive off a concrete pylon into the river. They spot Phil from the boat and head in that direction, oblivious to the sad shot of forlorn Swarighat, still unvisited by them, with a red subtitle and everything. They're pretty gleeful to find Phil, but he has other ideas, telling them that they were supposed to take their boat to Swarighat instead of here, and "you will need to complete the course before I can check you in." That's about second-last thing you ever want to hear Phil say.

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