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Smithing and Sewing

After the ads, a highly frustrated James manages to calm down with help from Abbie. Good to see he got something out of that alliance after all. His second draft is already looking better. Josh gets some negative feedback from the judge on his work so far, but Gary is much more annoyed by Will's positive feedback. Apparently the heat is baking the putty on faster than he can work with it, so he pulls a James and starts scraping it off to start over. Trey has to do the same thing after a judge finds his work wanting as well.

James and Abba get to New City Restaurant with the help of their small guides, and start transferring rats one at a time from the bucket to the bag with their gloved hands. They're cool about it, though, joking in an interview that their business is full of rats. "There's that drummer, I remember him," James cracks. Can't wait for the blockbuster White Lion tell-all book, suddenly. Also, after this? New City Restaurant's business will be booming.

At the Roadblock, actual professionals who do this for a living are sanding entire buses, covered in white dust (the color the putty changes to when it dries). Nadiya is cheering Natalie on from inside another parked bus, going on about how they're the only remaining all-female team. And then she starts chanting, "Long, strong and hard! Long, strong, and hard!" Jaymes mischievously joins in from another bus, until he remembers they're in a Muslim country and should probably watch their mouths. But Nadiya keeps yelling that Natalie needs to "keep it up" and "show these boys how you do it," to the point where Team Grabbie is getting irritated. Have they really not been around the twins at a Roadblock before this? This cheering is SOP for them.

Finally Ryan is told that his sanding is satisfactory, and he can go schlep his seats. Nadiya assures Natalie, "Everybody's struggling." From his nearly finished workspace, Rob volunteers, "Not me, I'm not struggling." Ryan boards the bus and makes a big show of how heavy a pair of seats is, saying the girls will never be able to do it. Because Ryan is the apex of fitness whose strength could never be matched by a mere woman. With Abbie's guidance, he carries the seats across the yard to the refurbishing area, where a guy is sitting with a stack of clues tantalizingly in his lap. Ryan has to get two more rows of seats before he can collect one, though, and Rob's already done sanding. He gets on the bus and loads up two at a time, while Ryan continues carrying his single row, taking breaks along the way.

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