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Smithing and Sewing

At the bus yard, the judge signals to Josh that he's done sanding, unsolicited. Josh is thrilled to be moving on to seat removal. Gary asks for a check and gets a no, and Lexi sends the judge down to Trey, who's still filling in cracks. James, on the other hand, has finished sanding, so he gets to get onto the now nearly empty bus, whooping, "What'choo got for me?" as he goes after his first row of seats. Brent scampers along next to Josh, who allows that yes, a pair of bus seats is fairly heavy. Trey gets to start sanding, and he begins double-fisting it, with the sheet in each hand while Lexi cheers him on. Gary is also clear to start sanding. Brent & Josh get their fifth-place clue, and the Chippendales get theirs in sixth. Moving along quickly now.

At the market, Abbie and Ryan sift through a smelly bag for their fish, making lame diving and fishing puns all the while. Eventually Abbie finds it and they get their next clue, "Currently in 2nd Place." Looks like James and Abba have pulled ahead. This clue is for a Detour, with the choices being "Pound the Metal" and "Pound the Cotton." From a blacksmith's stall bristling with a variety of wicked implements that are either garden tools or weaponry (and it's not a bright line; I seriously saw a chrome-plated hoe for sale at a karate tournament not long ago), Phil explains that for "Pound the Metal," the teams will use sledgehammers to pound a glowing iron rod until it becomes a sharp spike. They'll only be providing the brute force while an actual blacksmith holds the rod and guides their strikes, but in between they'll also have to work the hand-pumped bellows to keep the forge hot. Good thing it's a fairly simple spike, because if they had to make a suit of armor they'd still be there today. For the other Detour option, "Pound the Cotton," the teams will use the "Bengali" method to make a mattress, which entails using bamboo rods to beat clumped-up cotton into a light, feathery texture, then stuff it into cloth lining that they'll have to sew up. Abbie says she can do the latter, so that's what Team Grabbie is doing. Ryan says this is great, given that Abbie apparently went to Fashion Institute for a year. They head over to a work area, which again is out in the open, on a rooftop, in fact, but with a cloth canopy overhead. A wooden pallet will serve as their workspace, where they spread out the lining to beat the cotton on top of. Ryan is happy to let Abbie take the lead on this one, except for how she wants to pound while he spreads; Ryan insists on traditional gender roles for that particular division of labor. A watching local joins me in smirking.

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