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Smithing and Sewing

Rob & Kelley and the twins make it to the crowded area outside the market at almost the same time. Kelley points out to Rob, "The Sri Lankans are right there," and advises they go in the opposite direction. Which would be a solid strategy, except for how the twins find the right stall next. They dig through a bag full of more flies than fish, and after finding the right one, Natalie overrules Nadiya's mattress choice, saying, "Let's just pound the shit." They're off in search of the blacksmith's to pound the shit.

After finding the fish stall later than they otherwise would have, Rob has Kelley root through a bag, where she finds the orange fish quickly and in fourth place. They're also doing the metal task.

Abbie and Ryan have beaten their cotton into submission, and Abbie guides Ryan through her rather slick process of rolling the lining up around the stuff and then unrolling it so that a mattress somehow results. "One year of Fashion Institute pays off." Ryan keeps singing while she starts sewing. Does he have to keep saying it was one year? He makes her sound like a drop-out.

Natalie and Nadiya find the blacksmith shop and commence wielding their great fucking hammers. As previously mentioned, there's a blacksmith sitting on the other side of the anvil from them, holding the rod and pointing out exactly where on the red-hot iron he wants them to hit. Of all the foolhardy activities we've seen people engage in on The Amazing Race over the years, I think this blacksmith might be undertaking the most dangerous. Luckily for him, the only people they seem to be accidentally hitting is each other. Natalie interviews that none of the gathering crowd had probably ever seen a woman pick up a "huge bloody hammer." Indeed, other than the racers, and the chef we saw earlier whose kitchen was a railroad embankment, I don't think we've seen any women in this episode at all.

Rob and Kelley find another station and start banging away, while the twins cheer each other on to hurry. Rob gives Kelley some tips as they swing their hammers, so apparently he not only does his own body work, he smelts his own exhaust manifolds as well.

Oh, here's another woman, busily smashing bricks with a smaller hammer. Apparently everything gets reclaimed in Bangladesh somehow or other. Either that, or she's just in a really bad mood. James and Abba walk past her as they approach the third rat-stop, where they top off their sack and proceed back to the ratcatcher. Their group of guides has gotten so much bigger by now that Abba interviews about their happy entourage making him feel like the Pied Piper. Well, except for how the Pied Piper was a musician-- oh, wait. No, this is different because the Pied Piper got rid of-- Okay, never mind, carry on. I just wish James would treat the kids to a rendition of White Lion's number-umpteen hit from nineteen eighty-something, "When the Children Cry." They deliver the rats to the boss ratcatcher, who counts them and gives them their next clue, which tells them to go to Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat. That's all we learn about the Pit Stop for now, because it doesn't officially exist for the Amazing Editors until non-Fast Forward teams are en route there. In the back of the taxi, Abba bathes his bare foot with Purell, which I'm sure the driver appreciates almost as much as James appreciates his holding off on this until they were done with the task.

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