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Smithing and Sewing

Trey finishes sanding in seventh place, putting Gary & Will in last again, if "again" is the right word. Still, Will is showing some optimism so cockeyed he can see the back of his own head, as Trey moves his seats and gets his and Lexi's clue. Gary is allowed to be done sanding shortly afterward, probably just so the mechanics can get these people out of their hair. I mean, I can still see the bus's ribs under his sanding job. By now Trey and Lexi are back in their taxi. Gary says he and Will are going to come back yet again, which I would just ignore, except that Trey and Lexi's taxi keeps dying no matter how many times the driver restarts it and no matter how much Sprite he pours under the hood (or, more likely, water in a used Sprite bottle). Gary and Will see them stranded as they ride past, which gives them what Gary calls "new blood." And Lexi says this could take hours and wonders what they should do. Uh get a new cab? But after the ads, they manage to get it push-started and back on the road.

The Pit Stop looks to be on a riverfront area surrounded by activity on all sides, including the side facing the riverbank. Lots of human-powered boats going by, is what I'm saying. James and Abba get to the mat, where the greeter standing next to Phil with a day-glo orange beard tells them "Shagotom (Hello)" and welcomes them to Dhaka. Phil tells them they've won a trip to the St. James Club in Antigua. Seems like they should also be offered a trip to the St. Abba Club as well, just to be fair. Abba says they came to win and are now one step closer. Plus, what better way to emphasize the narrative of Team Metal as lone wolves than to watch them run an almost entirely different leg than everyone else?

Abbie finishes sewing their mattress, and they ask for approval. In response, the judge just picks up several big handfuls of leftover cotton and drops them back on the ground, in the international sign for "your mattress sucks." They figure out that means they'll need to open it up and stuff more in. Be sure to do it long, strong, and hard.

The monster truckers and the twins are now fine-tuning their work, each using their sledgehammers to hit the smaller hammer where their blacksmith is placing it to show them where to go. The twins get an okay, and celebrate while their blacksmith bangs out a few finishing touches before giving them their clue. Rob & Kelley appear to finish almost immediately thereafter, and the two teams read the clues sending them to the Pit Stop in second and third place. It gets a little complicated here, because Phil says they first have to get to what he heroically refers to as Keronigonj Kholamora Launch Ghat, where they'll take a riverboat to Old Dhaka (there's a new Dhaka?), specifically a place called Swarighat. And then they have to go on foot to the Pit Stop, which is still Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," Phil says from the midst of all the activity in the area. After three elimination legs in a row? Not likely. Both blacksmithing teams run off in search of their drivers.

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