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Istanbul, Not Constantinople

Among the lead teams at the bathhouse, things have progressed to the soapy massage stage. Metal James jokes in a post-leg interview that this included removing his heart and showing it to him, then speeding it up and putting it back in. Or maybe he's just having flashbacks to being on tour with Dave Mustaine. But eventually Trey and Lexi are hauled to their feet and led back to the lobby in their towels to get their next clue, which is sending them to another bazaar-slash-mall, this one called Kapali Carsi, on foot. There they'll have to find a marked fountain inside the bazaar. Even if it weren't marked, the clues sticking out of the fountain will be hard to miss. Even for Josh & Brent, I'm thinking. James & Abba get their clue next, followed by Abbie & Ryan, leaving Natalie and Nadiya behind to enjoy the end of a "private twinny massage." This may have been the easiest Detour ever, but after what they've put the teams through the last couple of legs, I'm willing to allow it. Once.

Jaymes and James get to the bathhouse just in time to see Abbie and Ryan coming out and learn from them that the twins are still inside, although we see Natalie and Nadiya leaving with their clue immediately thereafter. Cut to the Ja/meses getting cold water dumped on them, in stark contrast to the relaxing treatment we saw the other teams receiving. It's like the preparation sequence from Joe vs .the Volcano or something.

Brent is following Josh and waspishly complaining about how Josh didn't understand what the man was telling him in Turkish. "I don't speak the language so I don't know what you want me to do," Josh points out. Duh, Josh, obviously Brent wants you to retroactively understand Turkish. Josh finds someone else to ask, but all this guy wants to do is laugh at Brent. Which I'm surprised is not more common.

Rob & Kelley make it to the baker's courtyard, and despite being in last place, Rob takes time to enjoy a little dance interlude with the band before loading up a tray of simits on top of his head. And back on the streets, Brent is getting frustrated with Josh. Some more. Too bad Josh didn't agree to carry the tray so that Brent could have his hands free to do an awesome job of understanding the locals' Turkish. In fact, after an ad break, Brent is decreeing, "We're not going to walk around and round so just figure out the appropriate person to ask." Eventually Josh does find someone who speaks English, and they get directions to a place that's on their first left. So at least they did some of their walking around and round in sort of the right direction.

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