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On The Road Again

Weavers are passed by Bransens. Weavers are passed by Rogerses. Weavers need some lessons in city driving. Papa Black asks his kids if they're "taking in all of New York City," and they obediently report that they are. Aw. Reggie says in an interview that they haven't traveled a lot, but they'll learn to cope. Presumably fairly quickly, if they're being introduced to it in Manhattan.

The Paolo kids are still screaming at their mother, and their father still looks a little bit like he wishes he were dead.

The Linzes locate the hot dog stand. They pull up. Kevin and Drew look on expectantly, with a bit of, "Hey! It's us!" And Megan comes over and...she has no idea who they are. Seriously. "Hi! I need a frank, please," she says, following the wording of the clue. They give her the clue. She runs off. Unbelievable! No respect for history. None! Kevin stares after her in what I tell myself is wounded disbelief, because it's funnier that way. I think it's remotely possible from the way two of her brothers call out, "Thanks, guys!" that they recognized the boys, but I'd only be wishing. The clue tells the Linzes to cross the George Washington Bridge and drive to Washington Crossing, a Pennsylvania park that commemorates where Washington once crossed the Delaware. I love how the show's montage on the word "Pennsylvania" is, like, Amish people and rolling hills. I lived in Pennsylvania until I was 20, and I only saw those things recreationally, I'll tell you that much. I don't expect them to show belching smokestacks and people mercilessly booing sports teams, but it's not a very balanced view of the state. The Linzes find a guy who tells them to go to 96th and make a left to get to the bridge.

The Gaghans pull up to the hot dog stand, and because it's on Carissa's side, she's the one to jump out. I sense that they told the kids that in order to avoid arguing over who was going to get to do things, in a situation like this, whoever was on the right side would get to go, which makes a ton of sense and is how you keep your kids from arguing. Carissa hops out and runs up to Kevin and Drew, and I totally understand that she has no idea who they are, because when they were on TV, she was about five years old. "Do you have a frank?" she asks, a little shyly, still getting her talk-to-strangers legs. "What do you need, a frank?" Drew asks her. "Here you go, honey." He hands her the clue. He remains pretty much the sweetest person ever. She takes off and hops in the car, and when she's gone, Drew comments, "She's cute." Which she is. The Gaghans read their clue.

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