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The Schroeders get to the hot dog stand, and Stassi has no idea who Kevin and Drew are either. They leave. The Gadzookskis are next, and whichever of the pinks it is (umm...Christine, I think?), she doesn't know who they are, either, but she's all about enthusiasm anyway. This is brutal. There's been some talk that maybe the reactions to Kevin and Drew were edited out, but (1) why would you put your famous team on the show and then specifically make it look like nobody knew them?; and (2) Kevin told us on the boards that it didn't happen that way. Papa Aiello is next to go up and have no idea who Kevin and Drew are as he retrieves his clue. You know, fame really is fleeting. As Papa Aiello leaves, Kevin says, "That guy's gonna have a heart attack." Heh. I miss them.

Two of the Tonyas retrieve the clue from the boys. No recognition. Somehow, I think that one hurts most of all. "I'd like to be on their team," Drew comments, a bit leeringly, as they leave. Kevin? Just leers.

Teams Rogers and Weaver are close together as they approach the hot dog stand. With the Weavers yelling the whole time, they get to the spot. Rolly, Brock, Brittney -- no recognition. Rather puzzlingly, Drew says, "He's Drew, I'm Kevin." They don't even recognize themselves anymore. Sad! But the teams get the clue, so they all take off. "Your clue is in the historic park in Pennsylvania," Mama Weaver reads, as if it's very puzzling. "I don't know if that means, like, the state of Pennsylvania?" Oy. It's a big state, people. Philadelphia? Pittsburgh? Living here in Allentown? Sigh.

The Linzes stop at a BP station and get generic directions to Pennsylvania, which is about all you need at this point. It's going to be 95 South, pretty much. The Gaghans aren't sure where they're going, either. There is, again, a lot of doubt about whether you're actually expected to go to Pennsylvania. Which...the clue says you are, so I'm not sure where the confusion came into it. Mama Gaghan also remarks that Carissa is sleepy, which looks to be true, from the way she's closing her eyes and leaning on her dad. "We'll need her later, so let her rest," Bill remarks. Didn't sleep very well the night before, I suspect, with visions of world domination dancing in her head.

Austin retrieves the clue for the Blacks, and again, he was four years old, so. On the other hand, his mom is with him, and she has no excuse. The Paolos pull up, and Brian goes to get the clue. He looks at Kevin and Drew with -- ding! -- obvious recognition. They give him his clue. "By the way, you guys? Were the best," Brian says, shaking their hands. Thank God. That was going to be embarrassing. I'd rather it had been literally anyone else who spotted them, but it's a good thing.

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