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Schroeders and Goodlookskis, heading for the bridge. The Schroeders weirdly slag the women in their car, just kind of randomly casting around for something insulting...Californians? Smokers? Bad skin? Yeah, it's getting strained, folks. Don Rickles doesn't try this hard. The Schroeders wind up following, though, in spite of their griping.

The Aiellos pass Yankee Stadium. SIL David gives the raspberry and the thumbs-down. Tony explains the rivalry, and mentions being a Red Sox fan, which you know means gratuitous insults. The boys give a very low-energy chant of "Yan-kees suck. Yan-kees suck." Not very impressive, hate-wise. They should hear me discuss the Green Bay Packers. Not that the Green Bay Packers are really worth hating while they're flatlining the way they are now. Even worse than the Vikings! Speaking of gratuitous insults.

Several teams -- Aiello, Bransen, Rogers -- pull into a service area to figure out where they're going. They get some directions.

And in the Weaver car, perhaps the Regrettable Line Of The Week: "Pennsylvania may be a state," Mama Weaver says. And if you want to know how generous the EEFPs are, consider the fact that some of them were willing to leave open the possibility that she said this because Pennsylvania is not a state, but a commonwealth. Which is really big-hearted of them, They pull over somewhere for directions as well. They hit up a truck driver for a map, and when he agrees to let them have it, Mama Weaver says, "God bless you," which is perfectly fine. And he responds, "God bless you, too." And then she says, "Stick to the Lord. Do you know the Lord?" The driver says, "Ah, yes. He's my friend." Which causes him and Mama Weaver to...high-five. Yaaaaaay, God! I haven't heard such Lord-related boosterism since the 45 I recently heard of "Our God Is An Awesome God" that has, on the B-side, a bunch of little sermons, one of which tells you that a lot of times, when we think about the awesomeness of God, we forget that God is awesome...the same way that babies are awesome. It's not every producer of Christian music who can earnestly say without a hint of irony, "Babies are awesome." Anyway. Mama Weaver then says to the truck driver, "We'll be spending eternity together." I mean...once the guy has been all, "The Lord is my friend!", it's not all that intrusive, but it's still...weird. I know there are those people in the world, I just don't happen to be one of them, and I do not enjoy running into them. My people were too busy being hanged in public and having holes burned in their tongues to get very good at proselytizing.

As the Black family leaves New York, Reggie comments on how cool the experience of New York was. That's often how I feel, too. Some times more than others, of course. Austin is snoozing. Aw. Babies are awesome.

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