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Papa Paolo is reassuring his brood that the families with little kids will have to take more potty breaks. Could be, I guess. Mama says something about pulling off to eat and use the bathroom, but her family shouts her down. Like, literally. The Linzes, meanwhile, seem to be near the park, but they find only a closed building when they look for information. The Gaghans stop for directions as well, but the guy they talk to has no clue.

The first family to find the way to Washington Crossing seems to be the Aiellos, followed closely by the Bransens. Certainly are a lot of position changes going on here. The teams pull the clue that tells them to paddle across the Delaware River just like George Washington did. But less warlike, probably. As Phil explains, they'll row over and get a flag, and then they'll bring it back and "observe a flag-folding ceremony" before they get their clue. Eh. I don't like "tasks" that have the word "observe" in them. Nothing really challenging starts with "Stand around while…." There are also only four boats, with one team to a boat, so a team arriving at the closing side of a clump could potentially have to wait for a boat.

The Rogers family is a little lost.

Aiellos hop into a boat, as do the Bransens. It's neck and neck (and neck and neck and neck and neck and neck and neck, of course) as they start across the river, but the Aiellos quickly take the lead. SIL David talks about how great it was as a former Marine to do this great task, which...seems like a stretch, meaningful-experience-wise, but he seems like a nice enough guy. He gets the flag, which he treats all carefully, what with the former-military angle and everything. A Tonya gets the flag for her team, and both teams head back.

The Schroeders and Godlewskis are still together. The Schroeders are following, because they aren't aware that the Godlewskis have absolutely no idea where they're going. As the ladies flip their car around, the Schroeders realize that this is a wild pink goose chase, so they'd better not count on following these particular people anymore. Both these teams are pretty much clueless at this point.

Commercials. I'm starting to think the Dyson vacuum may be a little bit too powerful.

We come back to the Delaware River, where the Aiellos and Bransens are paddling. The SILs come up with a "stroke it" joke that's sort of beneath us all, but they finally approach the shore. Elsewhere, Team Rogers gets to the clue box in third place. Next is Team Weaver (oh, man, now that song is running through my head: "Teeeeam Weeeeavah!"), apparently at peace with the fact that Pennsylvania is, in fact, a state. These two teams get into the other two boats.

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