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The Black family picks up its flag. The Gadzookskis arrive at the Washington Crossing clue box at last, and they get in their boat as the Blacks are returning. As the Black flag (hee) is folded, Kim reminds the kids to "watch how they respect the flag." Nice, but again, not what I watch this particular show for, so much. It's like somebody ODed on the success of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and marinated it in Lee Greenwood, and that's how we got here. The Blacks leave for Philadelphia. The Gadzookskis return with their flag and leave as well.

Finally, having done maybe the worst job ever of getting from New York City to a location in Pennsylvania, the Linz family arrives at the clue box at Washington Crossing. They hop in a boat. Someone yells, "Andale, andale, arriba, arriba!", which is stupid, but slightly funny in a meta sort of way if they're fans of the show. I want to hear them yell, "Rapido, rapido!"

Aaand here comes the Paolo family to Washington Crossing. The Linzes return with their flag and head for Philadelphia. The Paolos leave to get their flag.

Over in Fairmount Park, the Aiellos help the Rogerses put up their tent. Which is nice and friendly and doesn't matter anyway, so. Brittney comments, "Girls aren't supposed to build tents." Yeah. Tough on you. Too bad you aren't nine years old, which apparently imbues girls with sudden tent-building skills you do not possess. That will just not do, that attitude, although come to think of it, maybe that's in the Bible also. The Schroeders show up. The Rogerses get a 10:30 departure, and the Schroeders soon do as well. Stassi says that they'll work harder tomorrow so they don't wind up in sixth place again. What can I say? That's what she gets for not being handicapped.

The Paolos finally return to shore with their flag, and as they observe the ceremony, Mama Paolo says, "Can we speed this up a little, please?" It's interesting how even when I don't like the task, she can find a way to make me root for it over her. As they rush off from the park, Mama Paolo's Philadelphia clue falls right out of her pocket. The camera does swing back to peek at it from a distance, lying in the grass, but it's probably one of the cameras at that location that actually went over to get the close-up, since there's a cut there. Besides, the teams probably get used to the cameras swinging around to look at things like other teams and what have you. At any rate, they totally don't notice. As the Paolos head for 95 South, their father almost gets on 95 North, causing his son to yell, "Are you retarded?" Yeah. My family is one of those tease-each-other-out-of-love families, and angrily yelling, "Are you retarded?" would still...not be acceptable. Soon, Mama Paolo realizes that she does not have the clue with her. They have to go back, she announces.

Commercials. If you're not watching Survivor, you really are missing one of the goofiest seasons ever, in terms of people practically dying of dehydration. So get a move on and enjoy it!

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