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The Aiellos are still dragging their buggy. As they push, the Gaghans with their lightweight munchkins approach from behind. "There they are!" Billy says, pointing out the side. The Gaghans continue trucking, and as they approach, Billy starts singing, "She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes, yee-ha!" It's sort of so awful that it makes me laugh a little bit, and at least it's not some damn Eminem song or something else completely age-inappropriate. At least the kid knows some camp songs. Carissa takes up the song, and the kids happily sing as they...pass the stalled Aiellos, who have stopped for a rest. "That's embarrassing," remarks an Aiello. Hee. Indeed. There is a brief discussion of the fact that while the Gaghans are strong, they're also capitalizing on the fact that unlike the boat-paddling, this favors the teams with smaller people. I thought it was pretty clever, this bit -- you'll never make a task not favor either, say, the Aiellos or the Gaghans, so you can only come up with some that favor one and some that favor the other.

The Weavers finish their little watermill, and the Gadzookskis are making good progress as well. The Black family arrives at the farm. They pull the clue and choose the Build.

As Papa Gaghan pulls the buggy, he remarks, "I'm glad I'm not a horse." And that was today's Deep Thought, brought to you by Papa Gaghan. As the Gaghan buggy turns around to head back, the kids admire some nearby goats. They pass the Aiellos on the way back, and the teams still look to be close. "Don't give up!" says one of the kids. "You're almost to the turnaround!" sounds so obnoxious, but it's one of those things that isn't meant to be malicious; the kid just doesn't get how he (I think it's Billy) sounds. And then Billy gets very serious and says, "Mom, Dad, I'm wicked proud of you. I'm sorry I couldn't contribute." Hee. That's Billy's Very Serious Voice. I hope you enjoyed it. Carissa did, especially when she pipes up, "Get used to it, dork." She can sit right next to me.

The Schroeders park at the Detour. They choose Build, as Char comments, "One-point-five miles is a long-ass way." They're followed closely by Team Rogers, which also chooses to Build. And at long last, the poor Paolos finally arrive at the Detour. "It's the Jersey team!" someone remarks, trying to get the Sars boot in the ass as early as possible.

Team Linz is not doing well with the buggies. They're very concerned about the length of the course and how far they already have -- or haven't -- traveled. They're beginning to think that building the little house might have been easier. Yep. It sure might have.

Commercials. I love any movie that has a trailer beginning, "Jessica Alba gives a knockout performance." I truly believe that the part of Honey where she invents dance moves based on watching kids play basketball is one of the great moments in modern American film, so I'm all about the Jessica Alba oeuvre.

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