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The teams dash across the park. If you're looking for the early fleet of foot, I can see Brock (until he racks himself, undoubtedly messing up the 'do he worked on all morning), SIL Matt, Brian Paolo, and -- most surprisingly -- Papa Rogers, among others. They get to their luggage and start tearing into clues. The clue tells them to drive themselves to SoHo and find Eastern Mountain Sports, where they'll pick up some supplies. About as close as you're ever going to get to starting at the Mall of America at the Ritz Camera store, I have to say. At least there, you'd have to cope with these creepy giant Lego figures that I just don't want to talk about. At the store, they'll pick up sleeping bags, camping mats, head lamps, and a tent. They're getting $150 for the leg, which you will notice is pretty darn generous if they don't have to pay for gas and they don't have to buy these supplies, which I'm fairly sure they don't. I think there is a specific intent to make sure nobody scrimps on food or anything here, because children who have Killer Fatigue or are getting by on airline peanuts and Power Bars would not make anyone happy. Everybody runs toward the Yukons. Mama Paolo tells us she "pulled something." The cosmic short straw, I believe.

The Gaghans load their stuff into their Yukon. They get going first, or so it appears. "SoHo is a nice place," Billy says, going for early points for graciousness. And then he pauses and there's a hint of a shy smile as he says, "I think." Hee. The Weavers throw their stuff in the back and go, screeching the whole way.

Aaaaand, credits! I like how the Blacks get to go "Hyaaaah!" right over the theme music. [BOMP.]

We return to the alley where the Schroeders are packing their Yukon. They climb in, and Char is driving, and Mark reminds her to head across the bridge. I have to say, I adore New York, but I have never attempted to drive there, and I'm not sure I ever would. This would be a nightmare of a first leg for me, given my fear of city drivers and my rather poor sense of direction. The Aiellos get a move on next, and I believe that's SIL Kevin driving. (I am determined to figure all of this out. Determined!) Then Linz.

The Gaghans are still in the lead, with Mom and Dad giving lots of props for what a good job the kids did getting out of the park. "Right now, we're in first place," Carissa points out in this knowing way as she rubs her eye. I can totally see how this would play two ways, but I love her. I have often said little girls are broken down into ones who go around with Band-Aids on their knees and ones who don't, and I think she does, and that makes me like her. She's also very happy when they make it through a red light and the other teams don't. ["Well, and a kid's perspective on the idea that it's a really long race and fortunes rise and fall and blah blah is not going to be as well developed as an adult's, generally. I don't love her, but on a scale of one to Flo, this seemed pretty minor." -- Sars]

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