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Elsewhere, Mama Rogers gets her arm brushed off by Brittney after explaining that she fell during the run. Brittney outs her brother for also having fallen on his ass, which seems to make Mama feel a little better. They take off, and then the Bransens do, too, with one of the Tonyas saying "helpfully" that she's shopped in SoHo. The Blacks are next, and then the Paolos are bringing up the almost-rear, with everybody in the car already berating Tony. Nice to meet you, Tony. Can we call you Job? Bringing up the actual rear are the Godlewskis, whom my brain consistently wants to call either the Gadzookskis or, per one of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters, the Goodlookskis or, per one of my friends who finds them a little too talky-shrieky, the GabbleGabbleGabbleskis.

Gaghans and Weavers are still out in the lead, but Rebecca gets the latter team on the wrong road, so there goes that advantage for the moment. The Schroeders see this happen and give a big cheer. I don't think I like them. The Aiellos and Linzes follow. Mama Rogers is still worrying about the ear she landed on when she fell. It's not easy to fall and land on your ear, but she swears she did. When the Bransens see the "Brooklyn Br" sign, one of the Tonyas says, "B-R is probably 'bridge.'" Has she never heard of the famous Brooklyn Bra Outlet? The Brooklyn Bridal Salon? The Brooklyn Browbeating Society For The Terminally Obnoxious? Hey, speaking of whom: DJ Paolo, who sounds like he would be some kind of Corsican hip-hop artist, is bugging his father to drive faster. Meanwhile, Rebecca Weaver continues displaying her driving skillz by going the wrong way down a one-way street. Change drivers, maybe? Just a thought. There is GabbleGabbleGabbleski action over in their SUV. The Weavers and Gadzookskis wind up on the Brooklyn Bridge at the same time, and the Weavers refer to the Gadzookskis as the "Desperate Housewives," which...not bad. Not great, but I've heard worse. Rolly yells out something about not letting "those old farts" pass, and Mama Weaver pauses to tell him not to say that word. Dude. He's 14. You're trying to get him not to say "fart"? You might as well ask the tide not to come in. In the Godlewski car, the pinks are all shrieking. Get used to it.

The Gaghans ask directions to SoHo. In an interview, Tammy says that they travel internationally all the time, so she thinks that will be an advantage. They should really just use old interviews for this, is my opinion, since everyone always says exactly the same things at the starting line and it's all completely meaningless. The Aiellos are following the Schroeders trying to find SoHo. One of the SILs (they should be captioning everyone at this point, and it's very unfortunate that they're not -- it's...SIL Kevin, the apparent designated driver) says that he's worried about looking like a dork in front of his FIL. At first it seems like the Linzes get directions indicating that SoHo is "on the left side," which sounds a little suspicious to me, but I think they actually got directions to the store itself, so good on them. The Linzes catch up to the Gaghans and comment that "mommycakes" is driving. That's going to get very, very old. You have to earn the right to that particular form of humor, and these guys totally haven't yet. The teams wind up next to each other, and Bill rolls down the window and asks good-naturedly if they know where SoHo is. Everyone laughs, which seems promising, attitude-wise, and the Linzes indicate that they think it's "on the corner up here." Gaghans follow Linzes.

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