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The Linzes park (the parking has to have been prearranged, I think, unless there was some serious divine intervention of precisely the sort I don't believe in) and run for Eastern Mountain Sports. Right behind them are the Gaghans. These two teams head inside. Each team's stuff is laid out in a little pile with their name on it, so...not much of a "task," this. They could at least have shopped. They've presumably all been to Target before. When they present their stuff at the counter, they're given the next clue. Phil explains that the clue requires them to travel more than 90 blocks to a hot dog stand on 91st Street between Park and Lexington. At that hot dog stand, they'll get a clue. And...wait. I know the bald guys at that hot dog stand. That's Kevin and Drew! Awwwww! Nice nod to history. The two lead teams take off. Surprisingly enough, the next team to the store seems to be the Gadzookskis, followed by the Schroeders. The Gadzookskis first head into the wrong door, and then they gabble-gabble over to the right door. There's something about the way Michelle kind of does a waddle-run, all, "We're too excited!", that I should theoretically hate but actually find a little bit funny and endearing. Competent but ditzy, is kind of their thing, and I can relate. I did once fill a Honda with diesel. These next two teams take off.

DJ Jazzy Paolo is still complaining, this time about not being out of New York City yet. He also complains that they should have followed somebody, and his mom complains that he already complained, and have I mentioned you should feel very free to boo?

Commercials. Isn't the Age of Emeril over yet? I mean, really?

When we return, the Paolo children are still backtalking their mother, this time about her theory that they could pull over and look at a phone book to figure out where they're going. Boooooo.

Aiellos at Eastern Mountain Sports. Weavers close behind. So if you're following, we've had three globs of teams now -- Gaghan/Linz, Schroeder/Godlewski, and Aiello/Weaver. That leaves Black, Paolo, Rogers, and Bransen. And yes, I did that to quiz myself, so I hope you enjoyed it. The Bransens and Rogerses pull up next, and they leave not long after the Weavers. (Did it just occur to you to write me an email, right this minute? Before you do, please read this. Thanks.) Once they're in their car with all their supplies, one of the Tonyas is very dismayed at how loud the Weavers are, and another one comments that the Weavers knocked over a display at the store. Which it looked like they did. Somebody certainly did. I hate to see the production blow through people's businesses and leave things messier than they found them. Brittney Rogers asks a guy for general directions to 91st and Lexington, and she receives help in the form of pointing.

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