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Next to the store are the Blacks. The Paolos get some directions. And with the Paolos, the farther behind they fall, the happier I am. They do find their way to the store, which means they'll probably make it out of New York, unfortunately. I would have loved a Guido edit in the first episode where they were ultimately left behind on the wind-whipped mountains of Chelsea.

In the Linz car, Megan wants to follow someone, but her brothers nix the idea, which I sort of understand, since they're practically in the lead. And then one of her knowledgeable brothers says to her that there's one rule: "Speak when spoken to." Wow. Asshole. I hate him instantly. I'm not even sure which one he is until Megan calls him "Alex" in telling him they're "not going to do that," and part of me thinks she said his name just to make sure everyone who hated him for that comment knew which of her brothers it was. ("That was Alex, ladies. A-L-E-X.") ["It never occurred to me that he wasn't joking. My brother and I say things to each other that probably sound really horrible to the uninitiated all the time, but it's never serious." -- Sars]

Elsewhere, Papa Gaghan is commenting that "9A is West Side Highway." Carissa suddenly points and says, "9A! 9A!" Once they've established where they are, she looks at some of the heavily graffiti-covered buildings and observes, "Looks like people like to use spray paint." "Yeah, spray paint's pretty popular," her dad says, a little ruefully. "Are you allowed to use spray paint?" she asks. "I think they highly discourage it," he says dryly. Heh.

The Godlewskis also point themselves to the West Side Highway, and they chatter over each other with excitement. Mark (Schroeder) bugs Char to drive more aggressively. I'm not sure why we have to rely on grainy remote-cams all of a sudden like this is World's Wildest Police Videos, but we use just such a shot to see Hunter read one of his few lines of the episode: "Get your head in the game." Not getting too much of a feel for that kid, that's for sure. As they approach an intersection, Mark says, "Too bad we don't have any handicapped children we could push into traffic to block traffic to help us get ahead." It's kind of amusing that this was one of the moments in which I liked him the best. Dark humor about children from people who love them is one of my favorite things. Stassi tells him "that's horrible," but she's laughing. Maybe she could limp.

Papa Aiello tells the SILs that he's never been camping. They're a bit incredulous. SIL Matt tells him that he has all girls, so they'll have to teach him "how to be a boy." That's kind of how you can tell this guy already gets along with the boys -- they'd never sass him like that if he didn't.

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