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Oswald and Danny are still walking, and Oswald is becoming skeptical that Danny actually knows where he's going, even though Danny insists that he does. They're getting bedraggled and upset, and this is where Dragon is a much more unfortunate option than it would be in better weather. Danny tells us that Oswald doesn't trust him, and Oswald insists that he does. I feel like I'm having a touch of déjà vu, no?

Eric and Pink's noodles are approved. "That's ridiculous," mutters either Mirna or Charla. Mirna starts to pointedly explain why this is all Charla's fault, even though she's the one who cut the noodles wrong: "It would be helpful if one partner just observed and got the right observations," she complains as she keeps bouncing up and down on the pole, "so the other partner doesn't have to kill themselves." "Yeah, I guess so," Charla mutters, clearly going on autopilot so she doesn't stuff a wad of dough down Mirna's throat. Mirna undoubtedly chalks this up as a victory in her head, because she can't tell the difference between beating someone in an argument and making them so bored and sick of you that they decide to offer rote responses in the hopes that you'll get bored and go away. In Eric and Pink's cab, he's talking about how they just left Charla and Mirna at the Detour, so he doesn't know how much time they've made up, but it's clearly a decent amount.

Oswald and Danny are really lost now, walking around, and they've lost their taxi, too. They stop to ask someone, and they don't get much love. Oswald can't hold back anymore, and he points out that Danny said he knew where they were going, and apparently, he didn't, quite. Oh, pain.

After a set of commercials, we return to find everyone unfortunately still lost. Eventually, they catch up with their cab driver, of all people, and he points them toward the water. Hey, he's been reliable so far!

The BQs are talking on their way to the next stop about how they figure Danny and Oswald did the other task, so there's no way to know where they might be, but the BQs are figuring that they're in second place. They get to the mini-Mokes, which they refer to as looking "like a little Barbie car." Hey, that's just what I said! The clue tells them to drive to the island of Taipa, where they'll look for the next pit stop. Phil explains that this is about a five-mile drive, and then you have to find Triho de Taipa Pequeña 2000, where the pit stop will be found. I must say that "Taipa Pequeña 2000" sounds suspiciously like a piece of motocross equipment. A very small piece of motocross equipment, of course, but a piece nevertheless. Last team to check in "may" be eliminated.

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