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Dustin comments as she gets into the car that she's never really driven anything like this before, so it may take some adjusting. Among other things, the stick is on the other side, because (duh) so is the steering wheel.

Eric and Pink are praying that Charla and Mirna don't get finished with their noodles anytime soon.

Cut to Charla and Mirna -- and Charla is still walking around on the counter, blech. She and Mirna start bickering again as Mirna goes to cut the noodles again, because of course, Mirna blames Charla and can't let it go. In an interview, Charla basically says she gets that it was wrong, but that she thought she was giving the right information. Mirna smirks and explains, as you would when talking about a child or a pet, how obvious it was that Charla was wrong. "Obviously, it's wrong, so just accept it and move on," she lectures Charla pointedly. "We're not all perfect, like some people," Charla counters even more sharp-pointedly. They finally get finished with the noodles. They get in their cab and go.

This puts Danny and Oswald "Currently In Last Place." And they're still lost, and Oswald once again brings up the fact that Danny claimed to know where he was going when they left. And now, apparently...not so much. Things are not going well. I really can't afford to have them eliminated and reduce the odds of a team I enjoy winning to one in three.

The BQs pull into a gas station to ask directions to the island. They convince a guy on a motorcycle to lead them there. Eric and Pink, meanwhile, hop into their mini-Moke, having gotten all the way up to second place. They get a taxi to lead them to the island.

At long last, Danny and Oswald find the dock where the dragon boats are. They go down and fit their head to a boat. They receive a clue. They return to their same old hated cab driver, telling him in frustration that this clue should be easier for him, because it's apparently in Chinese. This is so unusual -- I'm not sure I've ever seen Oswald so short with a cab driver simply because of a communication problem, given that Oswald usually takes the burden of communication on the person not from the host country, you know? I smell a little bit of the famous killer fatigue here.

Dustin and Kandice feel like the mini-Moke could fall apart at any time, and this is the kind of thing that would actually be hardest for me in the race. Bungee jumping? No problem. Rickety vehicle? No, thank you. But their motorcycle guy has brought them to Taipa, so they seem to be in good shape from a navigation perspective, provided they don't soon wind up falling through the floor of their "car" and landing on the pavement. Eric is also doing okay in the little car, but he's expecting that other teams might not, with the tricky shift and stuff.

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